Teams Move Mountains!

04 Oct, 2018 | 1 minute read

We will always remember September 15th, 2018, as the day of our first company-wide team-building event. The event took place at Restaurant Bonanza in Ohrid, a perfect location near the lake where attendees could enjoy swimming.

Our team-building event had two main parts: team-building games and Latino dancing with DJ Ilija. We organized four games: Human Shapes, Tower Building, Line Up Blind, and Pair & Group Stand for the playoff. Colleagues were split into eight teams, competing to finish the games quickly. Most games required creative thinking.

After the games, we offered a session for those interested in learning Latino dance steps. DJ Ilija ensured we had a lot of fun and embraced the spirit of Latino dancing:

The final part of the event was the funny awards ceremony. Awards like the Eternally Late Award, Wikipedia Award, and Brightest Smile Award added to the fun.

Organizing team-building events in a casual setting is a fantastic way to boost team spirit and help everyone get to know each other personally.

We can’t wait for our next team-building event! Here are some pictures from this year’s event.