Another Great Milestone in ⋮IWConnect’s Effort to Stay Carbon Neutral

19 Jul, 2023 | 3 minutes read

Companies and organizations have a profound responsibility to strive for environmental responsibility and sustainability, a philosophy deeply ingrained in the DNA of ⋮IWConnect. Being a beacon of corporate responsibility in Bitola, today we are thrilled to unveil a noteworthy accomplishment: we are generating 85% of our energy consumption using solar power, a solid step towards our unwavering commitment to carbon neutrality.

The Spark That Ignited Our Solar Transition to Go Carbon Neutral

Our motivation to cut carbon emissions and go solar wasn’t a random decision but a response to an urgent call to preserve the environment for future generations. As an energy-intensive company, the hefty monthly electricity bills and the carbon offset were a constant reminder of the significant carbon footprint we were leaving. Coupled with the panoramic view of pollution blanketing the town of Bitola from our headquarters, the message was clear: we needed to act.

This transformative decision was guided by the conviction that corporations, as pillars of society, should be part of the solution to environmental problems. Our expertise in energy consumption and our deep understanding of the consequences of unabated pollution propelled us toward a more sustainable solution: harnessing the power of the sun.

Harnessing the Sun: Implementation and Results

The path to solar power wasn’t without its challenges, but we recognized them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. Investing in and installing solar panels required substantial effort, yet the environmental and financial benefits have already begun to manifest.

Today, 85% of our energy needs are met through this renewable source, demonstrating our commitment and the feasibility of sustainable alternatives. We’ve been able to significantly reduce our monthly electricity expenses, proving that investing in sustainability is not just a noble goal but also a smart business decision.

Further Strides Towards Carbon Neutrality

Our quest for a lower carbon footprint doesn’t end with the sun. Back in 2021, we installed 1675 square feet of carbon-neutral flooring, a major contribution to our efforts to limit CO2 emissions. This might seem like an unconventional step, but every bit counts when it comes to climate action. By replacing traditional flooring materials with carbon-neutral options, we’re creating a healthier workplace and playing our part in combating climate change. In addition to this, ⋮IWConnect has implemented a series of additional measures to reduce our carbon footprint, underlining our comprehensive approach toward carbon neutrality.

Having installed water filters throughout our facilities over four years ago, we are also working toward reducing plastic waste. The installation of these filters has helped eliminate thousands of single-use plastic water bottles. All of the furniture in our building is also eco-sourced, ensuring sustainable and environmentally conscious materials are used. These changes complement the carbon-neutral flooring and demonstrate our commitment across all aspects of our operations to lowering our environmental impact. By making both big and small adjustments, we are steadily working to minimize our carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Looking Ahead: Future Goals

The journey toward complete carbon neutrality is a long one, and we’re prepared for the challenge. By powering our headquarters with solar energy and implementing additional measures, we’re witnessing positive impacts on our local environment, employee well-being, and bottom line.

But we’re not stopping here. We see a future where ⋮IWConnect continues to make progress in achieving full carbon neutrality and, in the process, inspiring other corporations to do the same. After all, if we want a livable future, we must align our economic pursuits with environmental sustainability.

When it comes to saving our planet, every step counts. And at ⋮IWConnect, we’re ready to take those steps. Because in the grand scheme of things, going solar isn’t just about us. It’s about our planet, our future generations, and the commitment to leaving a better world than we found. Together, let’s make it happen.