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Campaign Offer

160 hours of Engineering (Production Readiness Package) - $10,000. Only $5K!

Choose IW-developed Snap to be implemented in Q1 at NO COST

Choose IW-developed SL Accelerator to be implemented in Q1 for FREE

Our Offer Details

Production Readiness Package

- Pipeline Architecture Review
- Pipeline Development Best Practices
- Infrastructure Architecture Review and recommendations
- # of Integrations to initiate development - Up to 2
- Implementation or support the creation of reusable logging and error handling framework

Connecting The Snaps

Choose from 15+ any Custom Developed IW Snap to implement in Q1 and the Snap is FREE!

Normal $5-10K/Snap

Accelerate Success

Choose one from 10+ IW Custom Developed Accelerators to implement in Q1 and the Accelerator is FREE!

Normal $10-20K/$Accelerator

Accelerate Success

Streamline Workflow

Centralized documentation management.

Save Your Time

Faster documentation, more time for core tasks.

Improve Accuracy

Minimize manual errors.

Pete - Your Virtual Assistant for Streamlining SnapLogic Project Documentation

Pete automates the time-consuming process of manually creating and maintaining technical documentation for your SnapLogic pipelines. Pete does the job that you hate doing, but you must do it.

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