Enhanced Integration Efficiency with Infor M3

Infor M3 is a popular cloud or on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution used by over 1,100 companies worldwide. It helps businesses in a variety of industry sectors like manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, and government improve efficiency and gain insights across operations.

The Challenge: Connect Complex Integrations

While Infor M3 plays a key role in managing core functions, integrating it with other systems is often complicated, limiting its capabilities. Smoother integration can empower businesses to:

  • Access accurate, real-time data for better decisions.
  • Save time by eliminating manual processes.
  • Extending Infor M3’s functionalities for enhanced operations.

The challenge we had was to create a reusable component that would support the following features when integrating the system into Infor M3:

  • Support of all MI Programs/Transactions.
  • Allowing custom mapping of API parameters with input fields.
  • Ability to handle several hundred thousand records in under 3 minutes.
  • Proper handling of M3 errors in various verbose modes: INFO, WARNING, and ERROR.

The Solution: An Infor M3 Tailor-Made Snap

As software consultants, we can fulfill all listed requirements through SnapLogic by developing a reusable pipeline, depicted in the figure below, to be used across all business cases.

infor m3 integration

To achieve better utilization of Snaplex resources and better facilitate Infor M3 integrations, we created a configurable SnapLogic snap leveraging Infor’s M3 Bulk APIs. Selecting a specific MI program, transaction within the program and mapping input and output parameters can be fulfilled by choosing one of suggested options.

infor m3 integration

How the Infor M3 Integration Works

Our Infor M3 snap efficiently processes large volumes of data, allowing you to:

  • Securely connect to Infor M3
  • Call any M3 API by configuring parameters
  • Build and send formatted API requests
  • Retrieve and process responses
  • Integrate output with other apps

With robust error handling built-in, you can trust our snap to enable reliable, scalable data flows.


This snap provides flexibility to fulfill diverse integration needs while reducing coding and maintenance.

By using Infor M3 Snap the benefits are multiple:

  • Number of threads created in the background in JCC nodes was reduced.
  • Achieving better CPU and Memory utilization.
  • Reducing processing time by ~4 times for each M3 API.

Тhis is evident from the following diagrams, which are made using a reusable pipeline and Infor M3 Snap in the second case:

Resource utilization when using reusable pipeline:

infor m3 integration

Resource utilization when using Infor M3 Snap:

infor m3 integration

The top benefits include:

  • Streamlined integrations without extensive development.
  • Efficient bulk data handling for large volumes.
  • Reliable communications adhering to best practices.
  • Detailed logging for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Use Cases

Our customers use this snap for:

  • Real-time and batch data synchronization between SnapLogic and Infor M3 systems
  • Migrating information between environments using the M3 Bulk API
  • Automating workflows by linking apps to Infor M3

We designed this snap to simplify your most complex Infor M3 integrations. Contact us to learn more or to request a demo.