My Career Shift within ⋮IWConnect – Aleksandar

02 Jul, 2021 | 3 minutes read

Aleksandar has been part of ⋮IWConnect since 2017 and hasn’t stopped evolving ever since. He joined our company as part of the team responsible for system administration, but he decided he needed a change after a while and made a career transfer within the company. Read in the following lines how ⋮IWConnect helped Aleksandar get to his dream job. 

IWC: What made you apply for a job at ⋮IWConnect 4 years ago?

When I started looking for a new environment so I could continue my career, I have noticed that ⋮IWConnect was the most appropriate choice in my hometown. It was a company with a great reputation for stability and growth so it was just logical. After a short discussion with employees that were already part of the company, I was more than sure that it was the perfect fit for me.

IWC: What was your first role in the company?

When I initially joined ⋮IWConnect I was part of the “order of the Jedi”- System operations team. I started working in the department dedicated to making sure all systems run smoothly. My work involved communication with all employees and making sure they have their IT equipment in proper shape so they can do their job. Even though it was a challenging and interesting role, somehow, I felt I wanted more…

IWC: How did you decide to change your position within ⋮IWConnect?

As I mentioned previously even though I enjoyed working with people and hardware I felt I wasn’t unleashing my full potential. My scope of work wasn’t fulling enough and I found myself backed in the corner. I even thought of leaving the company, but then the HR department suggested I take my career to the next phase right here at ⋮IWConnect. The company kept growing, and I was given an opportunity to join our Business Enablement Unit and take my career in a new direction. An amazing opportunity was in front of me, and I couldn’t do anything else but take it.

IWC: Did it take courage to make the decision? Were you afraid to get rejected?

It definitely takes courage to be willing to make a change, and naturally our subconscious is there to remind us that something can go wrong. Despite all that, we should always stay optimistic regardless of the outcome. There is nothing that we can’t do, we just need to try hard and want to make a change. I am glad I didn’t let fear come on my way, because I am much happier today.

IWC: Did the company support you in the process?

Yes, as I mentioned the company supported me in the process and it is something I will never forget. Getting support in times of change is very important and has a huge impact on the process of change itself. I am fortunate to be part of a company that supported me completely and even encouraged me to unleash my full potential. ⋮IWConnect is a company where you can grow constantly you just need to want to?

IWC: Do you feel like you made the right choice today?

I don’t regret any decision I made so far, quite the opposite I learned something new and I am where I want to be. ?

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