Meet Zorica Babic

05 Mar, 2024 | 3 minutes read

Meet Zorica, a talented software engineer at ⋮IWConnect. She works in our Novi Sad office since 2022 and in this insightful interview, we sit down with her to learn about her journey into the programming world and her experiences working at ⋮IWConnect. From her early days in college, where she discovered her passion for the IT industry, to her current role as a valued member of our Microsoft team, Zorica shares her story and the factors that led her to choose this company as the place to grow her career.

How did you start your career in programming? 

Since I attended a high school focused on economics, I had no programming experience until college. When I finished high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, but I knew economics wasn’t the direction for me. So, I started exploring different industries. When I discovered the IT industry, I was interested because it seemed dynamic and challenging, and it turned out to be true. In my first year of college, I encountered several programming languages like C, C#, and Java.

Why did you choose ⋮IWConnect as the place to grow your career?

At the workplace, the most important things for me are the team and the project I’m working on. When I had the interview, I focused my questions on these aspects, such as how the team is structured, if there is a team leader and project manager, and so on. I liked the organization of teams and the respect for the seniority of each employee. I needed to have colleagues who were much more experienced than me so that I could learn from them. The company is rich in quality people who serve as role models for many. My goal was to be in a team where it’s clear who does what and who to turn to in certain situations. I was also attracted to the fact that the company follows the latest technology trends, so my knowledge would significantly increase in this company.

How do you collaborate with colleagues across different teams or departments?

I had excellent collaboration with everyone I had the opportunity to work with. Everyone is very kind and willing to help, aiming to achieve our individual and company objectives. The fact that the company is organized into practices and teams significantly facilitates communication with superiors because they have the time to focus on each individual and listen if we have any ideas or issues.

Can you share a memorable or rewarding experience while working here?

For the past year, I’ve been involved in a very challenging project where I had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals of different profiles. My favorite part of this job is identifying and solving the causes of a problem, making me feel how I gradually find solutions more easily. Additionally, it’s interesting that sometimes the problem is so significant that a larger number of people get involved, and through socializing, we discuss and overcome something that seemed impossible at the beginning. Another thing I’ll remember is being among the first employees in the office in Novi Sad, so it was nice to see how the company grew and progressed.

How does the company support employee growth and development?

The company is entirely focused on its employees, continually seeking ways to meet their needs while aligning with the goals of the practice and team. Employees can organize their time without any pressure and set aside time for their professional development. Employees define a SMART goal for themselves every six months, and they are provided with a mentor. Additionally, the company offers opportunities such as conference attendance, certification exams, and everything else that can contribute to employees’ professional development and satisfaction.