How North Macedonia is Leveraging AI to Drive Innovation and Economic Growth

27 Feb, 2024 | 5 minutes read

We might be a small country, but we see big things happening with Artificial Intelligence in Skopje, North Macedonia. The world is changing fast, and those who jump on the tech train are the ones who will leave the station with a winning ticket. We’re seeing artificial intelligence companies innovate amazing things – new businesses popping up, our government finding smarter ways to serve citizens, and an energy in the air that says: “we are ready to make our mark”.

Let’s explore the ways North Macedonia is embracing AI for innovation and a brighter future.

AI-Powered Software Development: The Heart of Macedonian Innovation

We’re proud of the homegrown AI talent changing the game with custom software development. Companies like, and ⋮IWConnect are pioneering ingenious implementations of this technology in areas like product tagging, image moderation, Jira stories creation, and more.

At ⋮IWConnect, our AI solutions help industries operate safer, faster and better. We empower businesses to boost efficiency, insights and decision-making with services like AI strategy development, generative AI, AI-powered analytics, and secure automated software delivery. 

But why here, why now? A few key things are fueling our AI fire:

  • Strong Tech Foundation Leveraging Big Data and Analytics. North Macedonia has always had a knack for IT, and that gives our AI startups and solutions a runway for takeoff.
  • Supportive Ecosystem: We’ve got organizations, platforms, accelerators and incubators giving our brightest minds the mentorship and resources they need to succeed. Think of them as launchpads for AI brilliance and software development.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Government: Serving Citizens Smarter

Our government isn’t just watching the AI revolution, they’re part of it. ADA, powered by Codewell AI, the first governmental digital employee and virtual assistant, is already changing how people interact with government services. Think of it as your digital guide to all things forms, appointments, and getting your questions answered.

Now, imagine what else we can do with custom software development and transformative tech in 2024.

  • Healthcare Gets Proactive: Imagine AI spotting patterns in health data, helping us predict problems and get ahead of them. That means better care for everyone, and who doesn’t want that?
  • Traffic That (Finally) Flows: Our cities can use AI to make traffic smarter, meaning less waiting and more getting where you need to be. Say goodbye to endless congestion!
  • Students Get a Boost: What if AI could tailor learning to each student, helping them reach their full potential? We want our kids to have the best education possible, and AI can be a powerful tool for that.

Challenges and Big Opportunities

Let’s be honest, the road to AI greatness isn’t without bumps. We need smart rules about how AI is used, especially when it comes to data privacy and making sure it’s fair. We also need more AI experts, so investing in training our people is essential. And, of course, we need more funding for the bold research that helps us dream bigger.

But here’s the thing: these challenges are doors in disguise.

  • North Macedonia: Setting the Standard for AI Ethics Look around the region – we could be the ones leading the way on responsible AI, the ones everyone looks to for how it’s done right.
  • Building a Workforce of AI Wizards: Imagine training programs that turn talented students into AI rockstars, keeping our best minds right here at home.
  • Collaboration is Key: Government, universities, and businesses working together means pooling our resources and creating the kind of AI solutions that solve our unique problems and make life better for Macedonians.

The AI Future of North Macedonia: We’re Betting on Bright

You can feel it in the energy, in the ambition – AI is more than a trend here, it’s part of our future.

Why are we so optimistic?

  • Talent, Plain and Simple: We’ve got engineers with the skills to build world-class AI.
  • Location, Location, Location: We’re in the heart of Southeast Europe, ready to be a hub and share what we’re building with the region.

AI Beyond the Tech Sector

Let’s not forget that AI isn’t just for the techies. It’s got incredible potential for businesses of all kinds across North Macedonia.

  • Farmers Finding Smarter Ways to Grow: Imagine sensors in fields and AI analyzing the data to help farmers optimize crops, save water, and get better yields from their land.
  • A Boost for Tourism: AI-powered chatbots can answer tourist questions 24/7, recommend hidden gems, and make booking hotels or experiences a breeze. That’s the kind of visitor experience that spreads good word-of-mouth.
  • Manufacturing Gets an Upgrade: Factories can use AI to spot potential equipment failures before they happen, saving time and money. That means keeping production humming and our industries competitive.

The Power of University Partnerships

Our universities aren’t just places to learn, they’re AI powerhouses. We’re seeing exciting partnerships between academia and businesses to tackle real-world problems.

  • Research with Real Impact: Think university labs partnering with companies to develop AI solutions tailored exactly for their industries. It’s a win-win – research gets applied, industries get a competitive edge.
  • AI Skills for the Future Workplace: University programs need to consult with industry partners to keep pace with the changing tech landscape. Strong AI curriculums equip graduates with the skills employers crave.
  • Sharing Knowledge Beyond Our Borders: North Macedonia can be a regional leader in AI training, attracting students from neighboring countries, and building a reputation for expertise.

Company Investing in Our AI Future

Big dreams need fuel. To truly maximize North Macedonia’s AI potential, investment is a non-negotiable.

  • Government’s Role: Targeted funding for AI research and development can be a game-changer, especially when it supports promising early-stage startups.
  • Attracting Venture Capital: We need to showcase our AI brilliance to international investors, turning North Macedonia into a magnet for funding that helps our startups scale.
  • Incentivizing AI Adoption: Programs that help businesses incorporate AI – whether it’s tax breaks or subsidies – can speed up the pace and make the benefits more widespread.


At ⋮IWConnect, we sometimes have to remind ourselves – we’re a global company in a small country with a huge opportunity. AI is changing how the world works, and we and the whole country are determined to not just keep up, but to lead. Of course, we need a plan: clear AI policies, investing in training the next generation of AI geniuses, and making it easier for businesses to join the revolution. We are actively doing our part and we urge other do as well.