Meet Zorica Babic

05 Mar, 2024 | 2 minutes read

Meet Zorica, a talented software engineer at ⋮IWConnect. Since 2022, she has been working in our Novi Sad office. In this interview, we explore her journey into programming and her experiences at ⋮IWConnect. Zorica shares her story, from discovering her passion for IT in college to becoming a valued member of our Microsoft team. She explains why she chose this company to grow her career.

IWC: How did you start your career in programming? 

I attended a high school focused on economics, so I had no programming experience until college. After high school, I was unsure what to study but knew economics wasn’t for me. I began exploring different industries and found the IT industry intriguing because it seemed dynamic and challenging, which proved to be true. In my first year of college, I learned several programming languages, including C, C#, and Java.

IWC: Why did you choose ⋮IWConnect as the place to grow your career?

The most important aspects of a workplace for me are the team and the projects. During my interview, I asked about team structure, leadership roles, and project management. I liked how teams were organized and the respect for each employee’s seniority. I wanted colleagues with more experience than me, so I could learn from them. The company is full of quality people who are role models. My goal was to be in a team with clear roles and responsibilities. I was also attracted to the company’s use of the latest technology trends, which would help me increase my knowledge.

IWC: How do you collaborate with colleagues across different teams or departments?

I have had excellent collaboration with everyone I’ve worked with. Everyone is kind and willing to help, aiming to achieve our individual and company goals. The company is organized into practices and teams, which significantly facilitates communication with superiors. They have the time to focus on each individual and listen to our ideas or issues.

IWC: Can you share a memorable or rewarding experience while working here?

In the past year, I worked on a challenging project with a diverse team. My favorite part is identifying and solving problems, which becomes easier over time. Sometimes, a significant issue requires a group effort, and through teamwork, we overcome what seemed impossible. Being one of the first employees in the Novi Sad office, I’ve enjoyed watching the company grow and progress.

IWC: How does the company support employee growth and development?

The company is focused on its employees, continually seeking ways to meet their needs while aligning with team goals. Employees can organize their time without pressure and set aside time for professional development. They define SMART goals every six months and receive mentoring. The company also offers opportunities like conference attendance, certification exams, and other resources that contribute to professional development and satisfaction.