Macedonia 2025 Visited ⋮IW

20 Jul, 2018 | 1 minute read

Macedonia 2025 is an international non-profit organization founded in 2007 with a goal to contribute to the economic and democratic development of Macedonia.

Their main strategic objectives are focused in 5 major areas, or

  • To accelerate the economic development in Macedonia;
  • To influence the education programs by implementing new programs that will accelerate leadership developments and inspire and improve entrepreneurship in Macedonia;
  • To provide the Diaspora with a chance to strengthen and improve their links all around the world;
  • To be a supporter and a great advocate of a society that is transparent, democratic and inclusive and
  • To influence the quality of life by maintaining and helping facilitating discussions on a ‘Country Dashboard’.
Macedonia 2025 Visits InterWorks

Since 2012, they have been organizing summits where the speakers are renowned CEOs, partners, Prime Ministers etc.

Our managing partner Aleksandar Memca was one of the speakers on the last year’s summit (2017). You can watch the entire video here: . The issues that were a topic of discussion were related to the ever-growing IT industry and the need for a change in the education programs of the universities, as well as the process of young, IT professionals leaving the country for a better work place where they can improve themselves.

Following this collaboration that we had with Macedonia 2025, last week or more specifically last Thursday (19.07.2018), they visited our company. We spent 2 hours talking and discussing about possible future actions and collaboration.

For more information about Macedonia 2025, you can visit