It is yesterday’s news that we live in a data driven world, and that valuable insights lay hidden in the piles of customer produced data. That being said, having those insights at hands grasp, can be, the crucial edge, that your business needs to grow faster and stronger, ensure customer retention and increased revenue. Not to mention having the upper hand on the market and the competition. And what best way to achieve this than rely on a rapid, large scale development, of cloud data warehouses, as each of the benefits mentioned above, are conditioned by a great deal of the size and quality of the warehouse you own, or are about to own. In today’s world there is a plethora of tools available to build maintain and expand a warehouse, making the right choice (if one exists) all the way more difficult. Now the point of this article is not to build on the premise that there is, only one right choice, when it comes to choosing the technology that you are going to use when building and maintaining your warehouse, but to shed light on a particular one, relatively new, that has so far proved to be faster, much more productive than its competitors.

Leveraging SnapLogic for fast and easy data solutions!

Why SnapLogic?

For those lucky enough that have managed to keep system diversification to a minimum, and do not need to bridge multiple gaps between different data sources, SnapLogic brings efficient development, and cloud rated effectiveness and robustness. But the reality is, very few businesses have standardized systems, or are relying on one vendor provide all functionality, which is practically impossible. This is where the key strength of SnapLogic comes to play, no matter if you are a cable or telephony operator or you are in the retail industry, you need a tool that is productive and provides you with high value vs. time ratio, and SnapLogic is doing precisely that: carefully balances design simplicity vs platform power so that you can get set and running quickly. Building on productivity, real-time supportive streaming architecture is delivered with, low-latency and event-based enterprise application integration, variety and velocity required for big data integration, and all of this packed in the same simple and easy to use interface. Unlike other, it is purpose built for the cloud hence nothing prevents it from running data at cloud speeds. The elastic execution grid, can be easily configured to run in the cloud or behind a corporate firewall. And last but not least SnapLogic comes with more than 400+ pre-built application and data integration connectors, giving the ability to swiftly connect SaaS apps, big data sources, on-premises systems, identity management, REST and SOAP technologies, analytics tools, and for the systems that prebuilt connectors are missing, the platform gives you the ability to build your own custom Snaps.

Productivity: Work smart-gain more

Productivity: Work smart-gain more

⋮IWConnect as SnapLogic partner has the opportunity to work and collaborate closely on a variety of projects for handful of clients, and speaking from experience, there are several aspects from which SnapLogic increases productivity:

  • Pre-existing connectors, flow and transformation snaps
  • Plug and play functionality
  • Fast and easy – click of a button deployment
  • Shallow learning curve – for citizen developers

Going through the list, most of the functionality needed for transformation, integration, loading is already present, the development has fast turnaround and high overall value/time ratio, mainly because of the plug and play functionality that the platform offers. And when all is done the deployment if summed up to a mere button click that promotes all of the developed pipelines and assets to a, automatically versioned space on the production environment. And the learning curve, which for seasoned developers is practically flat, is another contributor to the elegance of SL, because it enables even the less experience personnel to be effectively used in the development of the solution.

Data at cloud speed

Data at cloud speed

An organization that handles vast data and maintain a warehouse, is in dire need of adjustable data throughput, and exactly that is provided by an execution grid that is elastic and self-upgrading, each time when the user streams data between various sources, the execution grid will scale up or down depending on the quantity of data that is being processed, when running in the cloud. The grid or Snaplex can also be set up to run behind a firewall enabling hybrid deployments, when on premise applications and data sources are involved. The other neat thing about the snaplex is that it allows triggering on events, REST API calls, or program invoked by the Snap API. It is this elasticity that provides the client with the ability to process terabytes of data in ridiculously short amount of time.


Today’s technology is changing rapidly and SnapLogic is the product of that rapid change that aims to answer the shortcomings and bitter limitations of already existing integration and DW maintaining platforms, and this does not go unnoticed, as it is so far remarkably successful in doing precisely that. We at ⋮IWConnect also aim not to follow but to be in step with that particular change, and as one of the first outsourcing companies that has started using SnapLogic, as an integration and data warehousing tool, have implemented several enterprise solutions in the past years, that stand as the best testament of the technology success and feedback, fast, cheap and easy integration as well DW construction and maintenance, has provided multiple customers with the long awaited edge over their competition. Of course the platform has its own shortcomings as it is normal for every new developing product, however, the usefulness, the easiness that it is offered when building integration/DW solution and the fast pace, that has high value/time ratio far outweighs those. As this post is but scratching the surface of the possibilities that the platform offers, and the multitude of applications, for any additional inquiries please feel free to contact us, and ⋮IWConnect can help you make the decision that is right for Your circumstances.



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