How ⋮IWConnect, a SnapLogic Partner is Transforming the Tech Landscape

13 Feb, 2024 | 3 minutes read

Piles of customer data trapped in one system, orders stuck in another, and your operations team scrambling to make sense of it all. Sound familiar?

At ⋮IWConnect, we know exactly how frustrating this can be.

Let’s face it, fragmented technology leaves businesses like yours entangled in a mess, preventing effective enterprise management. What if we told you those systems could suddenly talk to each other, creating a seamless flow of information?

That’s exactly what we do with SnapLogic, transforming the enterprise tech scene and empowering businesses to unlock their potential through digital transformation. After all, what good is data if it’s stuck in silos?

Let’s explore this and unpack the significant benefits we bring to the table.

What is SnapLogic?

At its core, SnapLogic offers an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). This cloud-based system acts as a powerful hub connecting countless different software applications and databases. SnapLogic enables companies to bridge gaps between legacy systems and new technologies, ensuring data moves seamlessly within an organization. This is incredibly valuable as countless industries face the burden of fragmented data, a major obstacle in digital transformation, that is spread out across a disjointed web of specialized platforms.

Building on a Solid Partnership Since 2014

Our bond with SnapLogic runs deep. As SnapLogic partners since 2014, we view them as our integration powerhouse. The longer we work together, the better we understand how to use their platform to bridge data gaps and streamline your operations. Ultimately, what drives us is revealing the insights and opportunities hiding within your data – because a successful partnership always goes beyond the tech. Our collaboration doesn’t just get things done. And it’s why our clients consistently win prestigious SnapLogic awards.

Real-World Experience from SnapLogic Partners You Can Count On

With over 300 years of combined industry experience, “tech-savvy” barely scratches the surface. Our team understands challenges intimately – across manufacturing, retail, sales, and the larger enterprise ecosystem, you name it. This means we don’t just deploy SnapLogic solutions, we tailor them to directly address your pain points and amplify your bottom line.

What truly sets us apart is that we get real results quickly. It’s not uncommon for clients to see transformative leaps within mere weeks!

Award-Winning Results That Turn Heads

Case in point: Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) found themselves drowning in paperwork, leaving little time for the responsiveness clients demand. Through carefully designed SnapLogic integration, we automated critical workflows, giving HTB the agility they needed. We take satisfaction in not only solving problems but boosting customer service too. Our work with Browns Shoes streamlined back-end processes and ultimately fueled an exceptional customer experience. Both clients were celebrated with SnapLogic Annual Awards, highlighting the global impact of our work.

IWConnect’s ‘Pete’: Efficiency’s New Best Friend

At ⋮IWConnect, we’re constantly searching for ways to boost efficiency. Enter our virtual assistant, “Pete,” which effortlessly generates SnapLogic project documentation. It might seem like a small win, but saving developers precious time is a game-changer. We pair these in-house innovations with tools like SnapGPT, helping you tap into bleeding-edge automation and stay ahead of the curve.

Snap Development That Goes the Extra Mile

As a SnapLogic Partner, with a team of over 70+ certified experts, we have a knack for unlocking the platform’s hidden potential. For us, it’s not just about simple point-to-point connections. Through complex orchestration, we transform the very way your applications communicate with each other. Our arsenal encompasses over 500 applications and systems, so you can rely on us to tailor SnapLogic to your unique needs. We adapt the solutions to you, not the other way around.


Macedonia’s digital revolution calls for bold players who can move past mere integrations and deliver strategic insight. That’s the value we bring as a SnapLogic Partner. Beyond seamless technology, we’re invested in fueling your data-driven transformation. Outdated and isolated systems get tossed aside and replaced with the knowledge you need to grow your business and leave your competition trailing behind. True digital excellence isn’t a dream, because we make it a reality.