It Is All About the Future!

02 Dec, 2019 | 2 minutes read

Technology is advancing, new things emerge daily out of nowhere. We are astonished by all the things that have been invented till now, and each day we hear about something new and sometimes out of the ordinary. We are all talking about the future – how many times have you heard the saying: In the near future, all the things that are done manually will be done by robots or there will be an app about it? And this leads us to Artificial Intelligence.

Daily, we are flooded with various stories about Artificial Intelligence. It is even said that it is the biggest invention since Electricity and Internet. However, what lies beneath Artificial Intelligence is rarely discussed in the context that is understandable to the general public and companies.

It is always told on the abstract level without pinpointing the challenges of the process and leaving out the core essence of it all. What lies beneath AI is – DATA!

The algorithms do not run on pure processing power. To be able to generate any kind of outcomes we need the raw material. The raw material for analytics and algorithms is data. But where does data come from? How do you ingest, process, store, analyze and/or visualize it? And where does AI come in?

These are all questions that are tied together but rarely get explained together. And most importantly what benefits can companies of various sizes get from the adaptation of it?

How do you become a data-driven organization and what are the necessary aspects of this digital transformation? And why this is of utmost importance for the survival of your company?

Data Science of digital transformation

A lot of questions right?

Well, this is the reason that we, the Interworks team, want to elaborate on all these aspects but not only theories but show you from our practical cases.

In the upcoming series of articles, we will take Data, Analytics, and AI and put it into a practical point of view.

And we would immediately want to ask you to contribute, ask questions and comment and everything you want to know.

Let’s start this interesting process of sharing our knowledge and contributing to society!