⋮IW Online CrossFit Training

21 Apr, 2020 | 1 minute read

During the quarantine period, the only activity that we have is going to the fridge, kitchen, balcony, garden, and that’s it. We have no chance to exercise or jog in the park as we did before. Our physical activity has been limited like everything else. Besides the Family workout videos which we have on our YouTube Channel, we have also started Online CrossFit Training for our employees. Each employee that wants to participate can freely join us. We use Zoom for our training, and one training is divided into 4 sections:

1. Stretching
2. Warm-up exercise no.1 – which usually lasts around 9 minutes
3. Warm-up exercise no.2 – which usually lasts around 9-12 minutes
4. Main exercise – which lasts from 20-25 minutes

We end the training with stretching again. Here is a short video of sections 1, 2 and 3 of one of the online CrossFit training that we had last week.

P.S. Each training has a different set of exercises and it is really good.