Interns Perspective: My Summer Internship Experience at ⋮IWConnect

22 Jul, 2021 | 3 minutes read

We began this summer organizing a Summer Internship program in our office in Skopje. At ⋮IWConnect we strongly believe in the spirit of sharing knowledge and helping students gain practical experience. We are excited that one month already passed and at the same time we are happy to be surrounded by such intelligent and ambitious young people that want to learn. Congratulations to all of them and thank you for choosing ⋮IWConnect as the place to upgrade your skillset. In addition, read more about the experience of our interns so far:  

As I began my internship at ⋮IWConnect my motivation for gaining new skills reached another level. I was excited and willing to learn more than ever. The warmth, attentiveness, and willingness of my colleagues to help me since day one, make this an environment for quick growth in every aspect. My infinite gratitude goes to the company for giving me the chance to experience the energy in one of the leading IT companies in Macedonia. Thanks to this outstanding opportunity, I begin each new day with a smile ? – Bjanka

As this internship was my introduction to being part of a professional working environment, I was initially somewhat intimidated of either not fitting in or being unable to meet expectations. Those fears were swiftly put to rest by my older colleagues who have been extremely polite with newcomers to the company and by my mentors who are always available for any questions I might have, and who have provided me with a comprehensive course where I can rapidly learn and very soon be able to work with RPA technologies. So far, the time I’ve spent working at ⋮IWConnect has been an exceedingly positive and rewarding experience. – Gjorge

I am really happy I got the chance to be an intern at ⋮IWConnect. This internship helped me grow my technical, as well as my personal skills and learn many new things that will undoubtedly help me in building my future career. Even though I started without any prior knowledge of RPA, thanks to the training and the work with my incredible mentor, it didn’t take long for me to understand the basics and start applying my knowledge to practical problems. Additionally, the work environment is warm and welcoming. Throughout this journey, I have met some great people and I have made some experiences that will surely be helpful, not only in my future career but in my life in general. I look forward to all of the things that I’ll learn in the rest of my time in this internship and I would be happy to work with ⋮IWConnect again in the future. – Marija

Being part of ⋮IWConnect’s internship program in the past month was a wonderful experience. Since the day I started, I felt like I was a part of this team for years and that was because of my caring colleagues. The skills that I gained and the ones that I enhanced in this period will be a big asset towards achieving my career plans. This company is a great place to start your career and it’s a great place to develop your skill set and work on being a better person every day. My expectations were not only met by the team and the entire internship program but they were exceeded since I felt that the atmosphere around was focused on improving and working hard every day. – Boris

Even though I am at the beginning of my internship I can surely say that taking this step and applying to ⋮IWConnect’s internship program is the best decision I could have made for me and my future career in IT. Even though I had a great opinion for the company and was thrilled by its success, still the working atmosphere here including the constant support I get from my mentors, the interesting program accompanied by an amazing detailed internship plan we follow, along with the friendly atmosphere, surpassed my expectations. What makes this even more special is that I keep getting better professionally every day and I think that constant progress and moving forward is the best thing that could happen not only to an intern/beginner but to anyone. That is why I am looking forward to the rest of my internship and the knowledge I will gain, as well as the friendships and innovative ideas, and meaningful conversations that occur daily at the office in Skopje in ⋮IWConnect. – Simona 

We always try to give students an experience of a lifetime and based on their answers we are on a good way ?