If You Seek Business Growth – Implement the Salesforce Platform

03 Feb, 2020 | 4 minutes read

We live in a world where we put focus on our clients every single day. They are our top responsibility! Delivering results to them makes us better, and makes them happy! Since we focus on our clients, why don’t we offer them a solution that will make their ROI better? This is where Salesforce comes along – with top of the technology solutions, 3 times updates, tons of features, huge community and many other solutions that will make your clients business booming!

Improvement is everywhere, that is the core of every business, improvement is like a good song sang by a well-known singer. The song is the business and the singer is the Salesforce Administrator. The better the singer the better the song! He is there to improve the song and the business.

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce administrators go by many names:

  • Productivity Powerhouses
  • CRM Rock-stars, or even
  • Salesforce superheroes.

They are the ones who work with the project stakeholders to collect requirements for new processes and deliver creative solutions to streamline processes. They can work on their own or as part of a team. They are the driving force of the Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce admins are a vital bridge between business and technology. They are part advisors and part artists. They are responsible for:

  • Creating awesome tools on any device —like dashboards, intelligent workflows, and apps.
  • Solving complicated business problems and keep projects clean and up to date.
  • Delivering creative solutions and making clients happier!

Salesforce Platform (Salesforce CRM)

CRM is actually an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management. Broadly, CRM is any practice, technology, or strategy designed to help businesses improve their customer relationships. It allows organizations to focus their attention on individual customers, suppliers, service users, or any other party that is connected to the business.

Few benefits of using Salesforce:

  • Reduce process time and increase productivity;
  • Avoid paper and manual work;
  • Data tracking–what is selling and who is buying;
  • Build a strong and loyal relationship with customer and prospects;
  • Real-time access to all customer information to enable quick decisions.

Many people think that Salesforce is just a CRM, a software that converts customer data into useful, actionable and meaningful insights that can drastically alter the business. And it does all those things, but saying that Salesforce is “just a CRM” is like saying a house is just a bathroom. Salesforce is more than CRM.

With that being said by moving your business to the cloud, a customer-focused Platform like Salesforce will enable your organization to provide a pleasant experience. It will help your business grow, and make your clients and employees more engaged. Salesforce gives you the power to provide an effective, custom experience, whether you are a big, or small company.

Before & After Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s #1 most trusted platform used by sales and marketing professionals. It is a cloud-based platform. This means you can log in from any device anywhere and view or update all the customer information on the go. That being said, having meaningful data available via one application rather than several disparate systems is a key component to your employees’ productivity.

The business industry began to change with the appearance of the Salesforce platform. Businesses started to realize the benefits of using the Salesforce platform. Before Salesforce, all the data were stored in different places, on different devices (computers, cell-phones, notebooks…), excel was the power tool. Now, years after Salesforce, many of these disadvantages disappeared and all the data is stored safely in the cloud.

By choosing Salesforce, you embrace a change! No more excels! Salesforce is the excel in the cloud. Your data is clean, secure, and available on the go. Your company productivity is doubled, time is saved and you have fewer worries than before.

With the power of Salesforce Lightning, creating reports has never been easier. Sales agents and managers can view your data and determine a better company forecasting, decide which leads to tackle, and what accounts to nourish. These are just a few of the many advantages that Salesforce Lightning offers.

Run Your Business From Your Phone

The time has come that we need to embrace the change and accept the technology because it is proven to us in the last couple of years that change is mandatory! Company owners must change to improve their business. With the Salesforce Mobile App, you can manage your business on the go, create and manage leads, close deals, log calls, track emails, view your performance, and have fewer worries if you have forgotten or missed something. The Salesforce mobile app is fully customizable, providing you the same access to your Salesforce data that you have on your computer.

Chatter – Collaboration Platform

Online collaboration is at the highest level at Salesforce. Chatter is a Salesforce real-time collaboration application that lets users work together, talk to each other, and share information.

Chatter is a powerful tool that is followed by a handful of useful day to day management features. Chatter is used as a company intranet or employee directory.  Employees can “follow” both people and documents to collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns, projects, and tasks.


Salesforce offers a cloud computing marketplace, called AppExchange. The AppExchange is a complete marketplace offering cloud-computing applications and consulting services.

Before you are allowed to make your own app or service publicly available to potential customers, you must be a Salesforce partner.

Anyone can browse and test drive AppExchange listings. Salesforce administrators and users with the “Download AppExchange packages” permission can install AppExchange apps.

Through AppExchange users can access, download and install software apps. AppExchange offers over 4.000 solutions to extend the power of Salesforce. Users can extend their power to sell, service, and market with reintegrated apps on AppExchange.


As Salesforce administrators we are holding the keys to success.  By delivering creative, adaptive and smart solutions, we make any client or customer happier, and the business smarter! We embrace a change, you should start too.

If you want to experience the Salesforce platform, we are here to lead you on the way.

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