The Future of E-commerce in 2024: How 3D Models are Shaping Online Shopping

29 Mar, 2024 | 4 minutes read

Online shopping isn’t what it used to be. It’s better. Companies are fighting for your attention, scrambling to make their virtual stores the ones you remember. One technology sits at the heart of this revolution: 3D models.

Go Beyond 2D

Great photos have always captured our attention. But let’s be honest, they can feel a bit limited. You see a product, but can’t quite grasp its depth or details. That’s where 3D models come in! They’re the future of visualization, letting you take control. Want to see the back of that armchair? Spin it around! Curious about the fabric texture? Zoom right in! With AR, you can even place it virtually in your own space. It’s like going from a static image to a fully immersive experience.

Think of it this way: 2D photos are like inviting window displays, catching your eye and sparking your interest. 3D models are the personal shopping experience, letting you explore every detail before you bring it home. Together, they create a powerful team to help you discover and visualize the perfect product.

The Explosion You Can’t Ignore

This isn’t some niche trend. E-commerce is booming. The experts say that by 2040, almost everything you buy will be online. And the companies winning? They’re the ones betting big on immersive tech. Because shoppers have spoken:

  • 80% feel invincible with 3D and AR at their fingertips. That’s the power of informed decisions.
  • 66% are less likely to return a product they’ve experienced in 3D first. Less hassle for them, fewer headaches for businesses.
  • 69% see AR not just as fancy, but as the future of shopping, period.
  • 96% of shoppers would be interested in using any post-purchase AR experiences.

The global Augmented Reality market accounted for $17.14 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $128 Billion by 2028.


Check our AR Example

Check our AR Example

Check out our VR Example

Shoppers are All About AR and VR in the World of Commerce

Customers are really responding to AR and VR in online shopping. Just look at these findings from a recent survey, underscoring the rapid adaptation of ecommerce businesses to emerging trends in 2023.

  • 4 out of 5 people feel more sure about their purchase when they can use AR or VR, highlighting the significance of these technologies for retailers 
  • 2 out of 3 are less likely to send their purchase back, demonstrating how personalization and immersive tech can improve logistics and reduce returns
  • Nearly 70% believe AR is the way of the future for shopping, underlining the shift towards more engaging and immersive ecommerce platforms
  • Almost everyone – 96% – is interested in using AR even after they’ve made a purchase

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in transforming the ecommerce shopping experience by making it more personalized and efficient. AI powers chatbots for instant checkout customer service, personalized product recommendations, and optimizes logistics and supply chain operations for speedier deliveries. Additionally, AI is instrumental in analyzing customer data to personalize the shopping experience.

The AR Explosion

AR isn’t coming. It’s arrived. The market’s exploding, from $17 billion in 2020 and barreling towards $128 billion by 2028. Those numbers don’t lie. This is where smart companies are putting their investment. Ignore this, and you risk getting left behind.

The Future of Ecommerce and Why 3D Will Dominate

Think of it like this:

  • Unleash Your Inner Designer: Customize products like never before. See the fabric change, the colors shift, the lighting transform. It’s not buying something. It’s taking part in the creation.
  • Compare with Confidence: No more guesswork. Line up two products side-by-side in 3D, get into the nitty-gritty details, and walk away knowing you made the right choice.
  • No Surprises = Happy Customers: 3D makes it real. Fewer “it’s not what I expected” moments means fewer returns and happier shoppers.
  • Boost Your Bottom Line: Engaged customers spend more. When it’s fun to explore, and confidence replaces doubt, hitting that ‘Add to Cart’ button feels natural.

The Takeaway

3D models aren’t just a fad – they’re the future of e-commerce. By letting shoppers interact with products in a whole new way, AR and VR create an online shopping experience that’s engaging, customized, and designed to give customers total confidence on any ecommerce platform.

For companies, embracing 3D tech provides a major leg up on the competition. In the quickly growing world of online retail, delivering a standout customer experience through innovation is the key to success for any ecommerce business.

So don’t wait – the future of online shopping is here, and it’s all about interactive 3D models. It’s time to upgrade your e-commerce game plan and set yourself up to thrive in the exciting next chapter of retail, leveraging social media platforms for greater reach.