Customer Service at its Finest – Lessons from Las Vegas

30 Jan, 2024 | 4 minutes read

In November, part of our team took a month-long trip across the U.S. with the goal of studying customer service. Las Vegas was one of our key stops. We wanted to directly experience the renowned service Vegas offers to set a high benchmark for comparison. By doing this firsthand research, we hoped to pinpoint what we’re already doing well and specific areas where we can improve to take our own customer experience to the next level.

Las Vegas’ sparkling reputation as an entertainment hotspot goes beyond the flashy casinos and lively nightclubs. For families, it’s a top vacation destination. For others, it’s a place to do things they wouldn’t dare try elsewhere. The city has a certain mystique summed up in the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But behind the non-stop excitement and bright marquee lights, Vegas offers something invaluable for businesses everywhere: top-tier customer service.

Here’s the experience that Ana and Andrijana had from the trip…

Personalize “The Vegas” Experience

When Ana and I first arrived in Las Vegas, the iconic “Welcome” sign towering over the strip immediately greeted us. We could hardly contain our excitement to explore this larger-than-life playground, overflowing with glitz and endless entertainment options. From Cirque du Soleil’s breathtaking acrobatic shows to gondola rides under streetlamp-lit canals, sensory delights filled our days and nights. The attention to detail and top-notch hospitality set the tone for the exceptional service we encountered everywhere we went.

Every mega-watt attraction tried to outdo the next, but what we’ll remember most is the spirit of fun and hospitality shared by fellow revelers and staffers alike. Vegas welcomed us as family and made these first-time tourists feel like VIPs. And that is the most valuable lesson that I’ll implement in every interaction. People remember the ones that made them feel special, and that’s all that we’re trying to do at IWConnect.

Except, we’re doing that with software. Our custom software makes people feel special. What I’m trying to say is that we can code well. Like really good. And people are happy with that.

Las Vegas Flower Room

Customer Service in Las Vegas

I was blown away not only by the glamour of the city but by the outstanding customer service Andrijana and I received from every employee we met during our visit. The staff were professional, neat, and clearly committed to delivering excellent service. Employees seemed to be trained to not just perform one role, but to enhance the customer experience and quality with every interaction.

It was clear the exceptional service standards came from the top down. We felt cared for by a culture focused on customer experience over task completion. I haven’t felt so valued as a customer in years.

This level of personalized service, where Andrijana and I felt like VIPs, is what IWConnect has been providing, iterating, and improving for the past 2 decades.

Implementing Vegas-style Customer Service

Vegas is known for over-the-top customer service, but businesses everywhere can learn a thing or two from their approach. It starts with proper employee training – employees should have the skills for their jobs but also get coaching on interacting with guests. How staff carry themselves and represent a company plays a huge role in someone’s experience. During our visit, we realized that consistent training builds confidence for employees to provide amazing service.

Keeping up with current trends is also key. Vegas is always updating. Always getting better. Shinier. Whether that’s new shows, hotels, and themes to create something fresh. This is exactly what businesses need to do if they want to adapt to changing customer expectations. We noticed in Vegas that embracing innovation and staying relevant keeps visitors (in our case – clients) more engaged and excited.

Another idea businesses could replicate is offering variety like the endless entertainment choices found in Vegas. Having diverse products, services or features can attract broader audiences while giving existing customers something new to discover each time. We learned in Vegas that variety brings in more first-time visitors and makes the repeat visitors that much happier to go back to the same place but for a new experience.

Creating memorable experiences means going beyond average transactions, events, or initiatives that add value for customers. Our time in Vegas showed that building emotional connections through one-of-a-kind moments leads to stronger loyalty and brand perception.

Hotel Paris - Las Vegas

Exceptional Service, Lasting Impressions: Customer Service at its Finest

At the end of the day, Las Vegas continues to thrive because it recognized one powerful truth earlier than most – the heart of its business isn’t flashy buildings or entertainment, it’s how customers feel during each interaction. Raving fans can spread stories of amazing treatment faster and wider than any paid advertising. It is the single most important thing that creates a competitive advantage no advertising budget can match.

For the rest of us seeking to enhance retention and referrals, studying their playbook offers a winning strategy simply summed up in three words… serve to impress.