Celebrating the Opening of Our New Headquarters in Bitola with an Amazing Great Gatsby Themed Party

09 Jun, 2022 | 1 minute read

18 years of existence, 18 years of providing outstanding value to our Clients, 18 years of doing our best to provide the best working conditions to our employees, starting from this week we started writing a new chapter in our rich history in our own building. This was a dream that we had for several years, and now the dream became reality – we have our own building with offices designed in accordance with world standards. The new office building mirrors the company’s spirit in an open, modern office space, encourages creative thinking, and offers top-notch facilities, equipment, and amenities, including a fitness center, restaurant, daycare, and more.

We celebrated the grand opening of our new building with a Great Gatsby-themed party. There were more than 300 guests at the party – employees, clients, partners, families, and friends, and we can only say that it was amazing. Three bands and one DJ ensured that we dance all night. (Read more: ⋮IWConnect Announces Office Relocation and Expansion) Following are some pictures of the event, while we are waiting for the official video of the party.

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