Celebrating 15 Years at ⋮IWConnect – Zoran Dimitrovski

24 Jan, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Having employees that propel us towards success for 15 years is something we are very proud of. In the manner of celebrating this amazing number, we decided to feature two of our employees and ask them all about their journey in the company so far and most importantly what kept them so long. Following is the story of Zoran Dimitrovski.

1. Can you describe the first working day ⋮IWConnect?

It was a really long time ago, but I remember the excitement that I felt (even though I previously had a 5-year working experience in IT working in public companies). It was a new beginning in my career and I was really happy to be part of a Macedonian company that is working for clients from all over the world, which was very rare at that time.

2. Do you remember the first offices of the company? Did you imagine they would get so big?

The first office of Intersoft Consulting was near Kus-Kus (a famous restaurant in Bitola). However, I didn’t get the chance to work in that office, because when I joined Intersoft the office was moved to a house above Albi Bakery on street Elpida Karamandi, near Shirok Sokak. It was just one flat of a house with one big room, kitchen, and three smaller rooms. If I remember correctly, at that time we were around 15 employees. I feel happy when I remember those days because at that time we were working and living as one family. No one could have imagined that one day we would grow to be one of the biggest IT companies in the country.

3. Share one dearest moment in the last 15 years?

There were a lot of interesting events during these past 15 years. There were interesting events related to work, I would say challenges that we were ultimately able to resolve. But I would like to point out one very happy moment that made me proud and thankful at the same time. While having an official lunch with a client from the US he gave recognition to our team as the best team that he had worked before. I found his praise very relevant because he has spent his entire career working in the field of QA. We are still in touch and working with that client directly or indirectly. 

4. What is one thing that kept your part of ⋮IWConnect for so long?  

I think the most important is the team spirit and the feeling of belonging to a family. Of course, at ⋮IWConnect we have the possibility to learn, grow and work for eminent companies from all over the world. On another note, I am proud that ⋮IWConnect started as a small company in Bitola, Macedonia and is constantly growing and becoming a partner with world-known clients.