Quickly Respond to All Your Client’s Questions

Overview & Challenge

With the emerging of technology and the Internet, every business has its own website and social media accounts. In a digital world, every customer asks questions via Internet.

One of our customers in the US retailer chain has a large number of daily clients asking for info by writing emails or messages on Facebook. In order for our client to serve all the customers, the employees answered the questions manually. The process is a time-consuming process because it involves manually reviewing and answering all those questions. Our Cloud team offered help and set up a goal – to implement a chatbot solution that will reduce up to 65% of this time-consuming job.


After detailed analysis, the chatbot was proposed and built, which provided:

  • Automated replies to FAQ questions,
  • Excellent road map of how to find useful info.

The solution is based on Amazon Web Services Lex conversational engine that can be easily integrated with FB messenger. Processing the requests is done using serverless Lambda functions.

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced manual work up to 75%;
  • Increased productivity by giving employees time to focus on more demanding tasks;
  • Increased support quality and client’s satisfaction;
  • Easy upgradable chatbot solution, allowing adding new functionalities any time;
  • Solution tailored for Facebook, but easily integrated with any other web site.