Semarchy: Advanced Master Data Management Implementation

The Challenge of MDM Implementation

Our client, a global marketing and advertising leader with over 71,000 employees, faced significant challenges in implementing a robust Master Data Management (MDM) system.

Establishing clear data governance, ensuring data accuracy across sources, and overcoming inefficiencies of manual API usage were critical hurdles.

Manually interacting with APIs was labor-intensive, error-prone, and hindered productivity, scalability, and profitability.

The Master Data Management Solution

We conducted a comprehensive analysis and designed an optimized solution leveraging Semarchy’s MDM capabilities. Custom Java plugins were developed to automate API integration, streamlining operations and reducing errors.

Python scripts further automated processes, while a tailored matching strategy ensured accurate golden client records within Semarchy. Rigorous testing quantified time savings, and stakeholder buy-in was secured.

Business Value of Master Data Management Implementation

Our implementation addressed operational inefficiencies, error-prone processes, reduced productivity, scalability challenges, and potential financial implications.

The solution yielded increased efficiency through automation, improved accuracy by minimizing manual errors, enhanced team productivity, cost savings from optimized resource utilization, scalability and flexibility for future needs, and better data insights for informed decision-making. Effective change management, collaborative engagement, and a comprehensive approach combining process optimization, technical innovation, and data visualization were critical success factors.