Using Postman for Testing API Integration in SnapLogic and ServiceNow Platforms

Client Overview

Our client is a prominent telecommunications holding company based in Asia, renowned as one of the largest in the industry globally. Established in the mid-20th century, the company controls a substantial portion of its country’s broadband fiber connections, underscoring its significant market influence.

With a rich history of innovation and a proactive approach to global expansion, our client has consistently demonstrated leadership in shaping the telecommunications landscape, both within its home country and internationally.

Technical Challenge

The project’s reliance on the SnapLogic and ServiceNow platforms introduced significant challenges in system integration and automated testing for end-to-end test scenarios.

The complexity of these integrations demanded comprehensive and efficient development of test plans. Each test scenario required multiple steps to complete a single workflow, involving numerous dynamic variables that needed to be validated. This complexity highlighted the necessity for a robust solution that could handle the intricacies of these platforms, ensuring thorough and accurate testing and validation throughout the project.


The primary objectives were to:

  1. Achieve 100% scenario coverage with precise API validations.
  1. Significantly increase the speed of writing test scripts for API validations.

Our Approach

Recognizing the need for an innovative solution to meet these objectives, we introduced Postbot, Postman’s AI assistant. This tool was selected for its capabilities in automating and accelerating the creation of test scripts directly within Postman, helping us streamline our testing processes.

Technical Solution

We implemented Postbot to automate the generation of test scripts from scratch, facilitating rapid and comprehensive API testing.

Using Postbot, we covered all required test scenarios thoroughly, ensuring complete and automated API validations.


The implementation involved integrating Postbot within our existing Postman workflows. This allowed us to quickly generate and execute test scripts, validate responses, and extract vital data for ongoing tests. The process was highly automated, requiring minimal manual intervention and significantly reducing the time spent on test development.

Business Impact

The deployment of Postbot brought transformative changes to our testing processes, with significant impacts on efficiency and resource allocation:

  • Automated Testing: Reduced manual effort and improved software quality through consistent API validations with 100% scenario coverage.
  • Intelligent Learning: Enhanced test accuracy and efficiency, evolving the tool’s effectiveness over time.
  • Customizable Test Scenarios: Enabled precise testing aligned with specific project needs.
  • Resource Allocation: Allowing our QA team to redirect their focus towards more strategic tasks, such as optimizing test strategies and improving product quality.


The use of Postbot led to a dramatic increase in testing speed and efficiency. Our client experienced a significant reduction in both the time and resources needed for API testing, which translated into faster project completions and enhanced software quality.

Lessons Learned

Throughout the project, we learned the importance of embracing AI tools like Postbot to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

We also gained valuable skills in AI-assisted testing, which have enhanced our capabilities and positioned us as leaders in efficient and effective software testing.