Keeping Your Brand in Hand with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Hub streamlines marketing material management, ensuring brand consistency and optimizing inventory across multiple locations.


Maintaining a consistent brand presence and ensuring adequate marketing material inventory across multiple office locations was a significant challenge.

Inventory blind spots, frequent shortages, inefficient distribution, and inconsistent brand experiences plagued the organization due to the lack of a centralized system for tracking and managing marketing materials.


To address these challenges, the organization implemented a custom solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Hub. This solution involved creating a dedicated inventory module within Dynamics 365 to track quantities of each marketing material across office locations.

A central dashboard provided real-time visibility into overall inventory, enabling automated alerts and reordering processes based on individual office stock levels.

The system also facilitated optimized distribution by leveraging data-driven insights to allocate materials efficiently based on need and past usage patterns.

Business Value

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Hub, the organization achieved significant improvements in their marketing material management across all office locations. Real-time inventory insights enabled them to maintain optimal stock levels and avoid material shortages, leading to reduced material shortage by 75%.

Automated processes streamlined the replenishment process, saving time and resources. The automated system has cut down on manual stock checks and reorder processes, saving approximately 50 hours of staff time per month. Data-driven insights into usage patterns by location allowed tailoring marketing material selection and allocation for maximum impact in each region.

Most importantly, consistent availability and efficient distribution of marketing materials ensured a unified brand image at every office location, providing a seamless customer experience regardless of location.

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