Improving Real-time Processing of Payments via Mobile

Overview & Challenge

Long gone are the days when people went to the bank and waited in line to make payments. Nowadays, most people use their mobile phones to make a payment. If you are in an industry which requires online payments you probably want your payment system to be always up-to-date, fast, available, and secure.

One of our clients, a big US national wireless service provider has a payment system that serves thousands of customers every day. The payment system has the feature of making payments directly to the call center, using only phone input. But, the client had problems with it – the payment system was slow, sometimes it crashed and even more, it didn’t process the payments in real-time. The solution that we proposed was to completely change the old payment system.

  • Build a low-latency real-time application that performs reliably and securely
  • Dynamic business requests for the new features
  • Deploy in multiple infrastructure environments
  • Long term evolution and ever-changing business rules
  • Combining different technologies


The solution included using React/Redux, PubNub, AWS Lambda functions, and AWS services to modernize the look and functionality of the application, add new features, improve the security and make it responsive.

Business Outcomes

  • Created a new modern cloud-based solution;
  • Built a low-latency real-time application;
  • Minimized errors during payments processing;
  • Increased number of satisfied users for 30%;
  • Encrypting private user information including end-user passwords and credit card numbers;
  • Easy for maintaining and making future enhancements;
  • A secure solution with a modern look and functionality that allowed our clients’ call center to accept payments from their clients over the phone, including a boost in their staff productivity.