Ensuring Continuous Delivery of Service and Achieving Optimal Security During Work-from-home

Overview & Challenge

The Client is a leading IT company in the Eastern European region, existing on the market for more than 10 years and providing value to clients in various industries in the USA and Europe.

As an IT company, the Client had a solid, realistic, and workable Business Continuity plan, resulting in flexibility in terms of working hours and remote working. With COVID-19 outbreak and the work-from-home policy, the company was faced with two potential challenges: 1) ensuring that the IT deployment can properly meet disaster recovery RTO and RPO timelines, and 2) ensuring that employees can access the hosted environment during fail-over mode from the designated location(s).


⋮IWConnect used AWS Client VPN to deliver a solution that allows the IT deployment team to establish AWS Managed Microsoft AD and VPN connection easily under the secured VPC network, thus meeting all Business Continuity plan aspects for security and continuity.

Business Outcomes

The provided solution enabled the client to improve its Business Continuity plan by achieving optimal cloud security by using a network architecture and global network security procedures that are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Key benefits:

  • Easy and fast access of employees to the hosted environment
  • Use of the same AD credentials to sign in to AWS Applications and Services