Automate the Process of Requesting and Approving Business Trip Letters

Overview & Challenge

Every corporation, no matter its size and existence on the market, usually sends some of its employees on business travel requiring issuing business trip letters. As such, one of the biggest bank corporations in North Macedonia sends employees on business travels almost every day which required a lot of email communication, manual approval, and paperwork.


Having in mind the old way of requesting and approving the employee business trip requests, we created an automated and centralized solution using the Jira Core business process management tool. The process that we implemented as a custom solution provides a transparent, flexible, and automated way of creating and approving business trip requests.

Business Outcomes

  • A lightweight and highly organized automated process.
  • A centralized place for reporting and approving business trip requests.
  • A shortened process for issuing a business approval letter.
  • Real-time reporting and transparency.
  • Reduced time for requesting/approving business trip letters by 80%.
  • Reduced the unnecessary email threads and confusion by 60%.
  • The chances for mistakes were lowered by 70%.
  • Increased control of requests and documents and transparency.
  • Reduced amount of paper used which in turn resulted in saving trees and reducing waste.
  • The approvers can be focused only on their requests without paper forms and confusing email threads.