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What is like working at our company?

One of the best things about working here is the feeling of belonging to a huge family where everyone has your back. People are super smart, super kind and willing to grow constantly. Whether it is to learn new technology, finish a great project, get married or just have a fun night out, they all love challenges.

At ⋮IWConnect, we believe in our people. We believe in their ambition, creativity, and hard work to achieve what they have set, and we believe that by investing in them, we invest in our future – they are our most valuable asset. We focus on promoting culture and building a place where you can freely share your mistakes, opinions, and knowledge.

This is how our heroes look like

Core Values


Adventurous Growth

You have only one life, why don’t you step out of your comfort zone?


Unquestionable Integrity

We say what we mean and we mean what we say!


Ambitious Family

Family grounds us and keeps us together.


Absolute Fulfillment

We do what is in harmony with our goals and dreams.

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