Robot Framework Integration with Jenkins

Shortening delivery cycles and delivering higher quality software are the things that every enterprise strives for. Implementing automated tests in the CI/CD processes has proved to be significantly improving these processes. Jenkins is a very famous CI/CD tool among developers. It is free and open-source, has a lot of features, and very big online community. In addition, creating a Jenkins job that will execute the Robot Framework tests is very easy to set up. Our accelerator includes the integration of the Robot framework with Jenkins.

How it works:

  • Create tests for testing WEB applications using Robot Framework and its libraries for Selenium.
  • Robot Framework uses Selenium WebDriver for running the tests.
  • Run the tests by using Jenkins.

Benefits of using it:

  • Simple syntax for creating the tests.
  • Easy adaptation of the already created tests for accessibility testing or performance testing.
  • Tests are run after any build/deployment and bugs can be easily found.
  • History of all executed tests and results.
  • Thorough reports and diagrams with statistics about failed or passed tests.
  • Detailed and well-designed email reports.