eCommerce Testing

A great website experience starts with creating a user-friendly, integrated, and modern e-commerce website, but it doesn’t stop there. Once you have created your e-commerce website, the next thing to do is test it thoroughly.

By performing a strict test on your e-commerce website/application, you will certainly reduce the number of errors that might come up when the website is made live to your customer. This includes testing all aspects of the site even if the new changes or updates were made to one part or page of the site. However, testing an entire website can be quite challenging. Thus, repeated regression testing is vital to find software failure before release deadlines.
Robot framework is an affordable solution for automated testing that would be efficient enough to solve all challenges and to decrease the costs and time related to Regression testing.

How it works:

  • Documented test cases that covers all functionalities
  • Pre-prepared automated tests in Robot framework
  • It uses Selenium WEB driver for running the tests
  • Execution is via a Jenkins file that runs the suites in parallel to save time
  • After everything is finished, concerned parties receive detailed email with results

Parallel Jenkins execution diagram:

Click here to see an email example report.

Benefits of using it:

  • The manual and automated testing processes are established very fast
  • Low to none post-production issues
  • More defects are found by increasing the test coverage
  • Automated regression reduces regression testing time and resources
  • It is based on open-source free tools
  • Robot framework can be easily set up with CI/CD