JMeter Integration with Azure DevOps

Bringing software and products of highest quality to the market has always been priority for every enterprise. Reducing the time to market, on the other hands, brings a significant competitive advantage for enterprises. Our accelerator built by integrating JMeter with Azure DevOps accelerates testing time, shortens delivery cycles and ensures the software is of highest quality.

How it works

The accelerator works by using Azure DevOps to run the tests. The tests are created by using JMeter. Additionally, it uses Apache ANT which just improves the process of testing. Finally, Java classes are incorporated to improve the process further and provide reports and sending email options. 

Click here to see example report.


  • Speeds up the software development life cycle
  • Provides reports of any critical issues right after build/deployment (fewer PROD issues)
  • Flexibility in running the tests at any time, without the need for Internet connection
  • Full control over the history of the test executions