Xray Integration with Azure DevOps

Optimizing internal processes and IT infrastructure is crucial in achieving operational efficiency. One way to do that is by using tools that automate IT processes and eliminate human interaction. Our accelerator,  which is built by integrating Xray with Azure DevOps accelerates development by ensuring fast and identical deployment to production environment at any given time. The integration of these two tools provides a common solution for managing the continuous development process and tracking the changes fast and easy in real time.

Finally, the accelerator provides a consistent and automated way to build, package, test, manage test flows and get reports in real-time with one click.

How it works

The accelerator covers a fully automated testing cycle where the start point is defining Test cases in Xray/JIRA, then building and running the tests in Azure DevOps on push, pull, or the trigger that is set in the pipeline configuration file, and the results are imported back to Xray/JIRA with the latest status.


  • A fully automated testing cycle that eliminates human interaction and chances for errors
  • Fast and identical deployment to the production environment at any time
  • Fast and early bug detection
  • Provides test automation according to BDD methodology and integration with frameworks such as: JUnit, NUnit, Robotframework, Behave, Selenium…
  • Lower price than competitive applications.