13 Years of Excellence and Professionalism

17 Feb, 2020 | 4 minutes read

Every person has a unique story. When we come together, our diversity creates something magnificent. At ⋮IWConnect, our diverse team has made us who we are today. We cherish and celebrate their successes, support their efforts, and learn from any failures. We decided to share the stories of our employees, showcasing their journeys and achievements. One such story is that of Blagojche Cvetkovski, a Lead Technical Consultant. Here is his 13-year journey of excellence and professionalism.

Early beginnings and career path

My journey at ⋮IWConnect began 13 years ago. Fresh out of college and full of enthusiasm, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in IT after a short break. At that time, the company had a group of interns, and I was invited to join. Back then, ⋮IWConnect was known as Intersoft Consulting. The structured, intensive, and professional training made me feel confident that this company could provide the career I wanted.

Object-oriented programming – IBM Integration developer – QA – Integration (TIBCO)

My career at ⋮IWConnect has been diverse, providing knowledge in various IT areas. As an intern, I learned the basics of Object-Oriented programming. With the company’s rapid growth, they needed IBM integration developers, and I eagerly applied. This role was a perfect opportunity to advance my career, and I was content with my new position. After nearly two years on the integration team, I transitioned to the testing team as a Senior Technical Consultant. This switch was another chance to learn and grow. After a few years in testing, I returned to integration, beginning my journey with TIBCO, which continues to this day.

When asked why I chose integration and specifically TIBCO, my answer is simple – challenge. My first job was as an IBM integration developer, where I saw great growth potential. After switching to TIBCO, I was continually challenged to stay updated with cutting-edge technology. TIBCO offers long-term career development and a solid foundation for various integration tools and platforms.

The most interesting thing about integration

Instead of what’s interesting about integration, I’d say what’s great: improving productivity and quality by making IT systems communicate. Integration speeds up information flow, reduces operational costs, and increases flexibility as barriers between systems decrease. It also ensures standardization and prevents vendor lock-in, allowing seamless system replacements without reconfiguration.

I take pride in many things, especially having been with ⋮IWConnect for over 13 years. It makes me proud and happy to contribute to our collective story. I’m also proud of the recognition I receive from both clients and the company. Knowing my work is appreciated is the greatest motivator.

Throughout life, we experience setbacks and successes, all of which shape our development. It’s not just about specific experiences but the collective working and life experiences that make us who we are. Working with diverse people who challenge you daily helps you improve and strive for higher standards. It’s because of the colleagues I work with, respect, and admire that I am who I am today.

I’ve faced many challenges over the years. Each day brings new obstacles, especially at the start of a project, meeting new clients, or transitioning to new technologies. These challenges, however, are opportunities for growth.

With technology advancing rapidly, keeping up can be challenging. Overcoming these challenges requires effective integration of technology awareness. I stay updated daily by reading articles on the latest trends and following new developments.

Personal Life

Work itself is not enough if I do not have my family to support me. I am grateful for all the support that my family gives me, and for all those happy moments that I experience with my kids. Since I work a job that is not easy to describe to kids, when my kids ask me what I do, I reply with I am building a Lego toy. I have a set of Lego brick with different colors, shapes, and sizes. Each brick by itself is nothing but just one piece, but if you put them all together you will create a toy. It is the same with integration. You have to connect different systems to get a specific product.

Finally, I would say that the most important lesson that I have learned during this time at ⋮IWConnect is that there are no limits in growth and if you like to achieve something you have to work hard. As it is said, “It’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up.” – Abraham Lincoln. And I see this company not only as a good working environment but also as a good opportunity to grow and to be valued.

If I have to start all over again at ⋮IWConnect tomorrow, I would say to myself: Work smarter not harder :). Be confident, don’t doubt yourself, and most importantly don’t hesitate to ask.