Achieving testRigor: A Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Software Quality

26 Apr, 2024 | 4 minutes read

Software development speed often takes center stage, but without careful attention to quality, applications can become riddled with bugs and user experience issues. testRigor is the key to ensuring that your software not only works but works well. It involves meticulous planning, execution, and analysis of tests throughout the entire development process.

testRigor is a no-code, generative AI-powered solution that enables anyone to write end-to-end tests from the viewpoint of an end user, doing away with the necessity to rely on implementation specifics like element locators. The following platforms are supported for testing with testRigor:

  • Web testing (Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu) and Mobile Web testing on iOS and Android
  • Native and Hybrid Mobile App testing for iOS and Android
  • Native Desktop applications testing

These are the advantages of testRigor and why you should choose it:

The Power of AI in Test Automation

testRigor stands out by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the core of its automation capabilities. The AI engine enables intelligent test case generation, self-healing scripts, and dynamic adaptation to changes in the application’s UI. This not only enhances testing accuracy but also reduces the maintenance overhead traditionally associated with automation scripts.

Intelligent Test Case Generation

Say goodbye to manual test case creation. testRigor leverages AI algorithms to analyze application behavior, understand user flows, and intelligently generate test cases. This accelerates the test design process and ensures comprehensive coverage, especially in complex and dynamic applications.

Self-Healing Automation Scripts

One of the common challenges in test automation is script maintenance. testRigor addresses this head-on with self-healing scripts. The AI engine dynamically adjusts scripts to changes in the application’s UI, reducing the need for manual intervention and allowing teams to focus on testing rather than script maintenance.

Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Testing

testRigor empowers teams to conduct testing across various browsers and platforms seamlessly. The tool’s AI-driven adaptability ensures consistent test execution across different environments, providing confidence in the application’s compatibility.

Rapid Feedback Loops

In today’s agile development environment, rapid feedback is crucial. testRigor’s efficient test execution and quick adaptation to changes mean faster feedback loops. This agility aligns seamlessly with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, supporting the accelerated pace of modern software delivery.

Simplified Test Maintenance

Traditional test automation tools often require meticulous maintenance as applications evolve. testRigor’s AI-driven approach significantly simplifies test maintenance by intelligently updating scripts based on changes in the application, minimizing disruptions and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Enhanced Test Coverage

With intelligent test case generation and adaptability, testRigor contributes to comprehensive test coverage. Teams can confidently explore diverse user scenarios, ensuring that critical functionalities are thoroughly tested across each release.

After you create an account (free account) on testRigor official page you will be able to start working and using testRigor and create your first Test Suite.

You will be able to see the screen as in the below attached screenshot and you will need to populate the following fields:

  • Test Suite Name
  • Choose the type of testing (options mentioned above)
  • URL to run tests on
  • Username and password
  • OS will be Ubuntu(Windows and OS X are paid only)
  • Browser which can be Chrome or Firefox

After providing all this information just click on Create Test Suite and your test suite name will be of the left side of the screen.

testRigor Test Suite

After this with clicking on Add Custom Test Case button new pop up for creating your TC will be displayed and you will need to provide TC Description (name of the TC), you can start writing your TC steps on simple plain English language like: Click on “Register” button or select “July” from dropdown “Month”. After this with just clicking on Add and Run button your TC will be created and executed and shortly you will be able to see your test results.

You can see the step by step execution of your TC with images of each step and details of each step. Also, there is a video that you can play and see what this particular test case do (in our case Sign Up).

testRigor platform

Also, you can see your execution reports in the separate page which testRigor provides, and it is the Reports option from the left navigation menu, and it is looking as on the following screenshot:

testRigor results

There are also many other options that testRigor offers to the users to make their life easier and that you can configure.

Also, we can connect TestRigor with TestRail and match our test cases from testRigor with test cases from TestRail.

We need to do the following:

  • On TestRigor click on Settings
  • Select Integrations tab
  • Scroll to TestRail section and check “Enable TestRail integration” check box
  • Provide Username, Password/API Key, Web Address (like thhps:// and Project id

After you provide all the required information don’t forget to scroll down and click on Save button.

testRigor settings

If everything is connected successfully when you navigate to Test Cases section in testRigor you should be able to see Change button on each test case.

When you click this button TestRail integration dialog should be displayed and you can link your test case from testRigor to the appropriate test case from TestRail, and after your selection don’t forget to click Save button.

testRigor with TestRail integration

Also, when you navigate to Test Suite Details in testRigor you will be able to see TestRail additional configurations.

testRigor QA test suite

After execution of our tests from testRigor we will be able to see test results in TestRail.

testRigor QA testing

TestRigor is a paradigm change in test automation that introduces artificial intelligence’s transformational power to the testing domain.

It stands out as an efficient, accurate, and agile tool because of its capacity to create test cases intelligently, adjust to changes, and simplify test maintenance. testRigor is proof of how automation tools are developing to fit the needs of the contemporary development ecosystem, as companies strive for more dependable and speedier software delivery. With testRigor, embrace the future of test automation and improve the caliber of your software products.