Tech Meet Up 2018 – How it Went?

09 May, 2018 | 2 minutes read

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A big thanks to all of you who visited our Tech Meet Up and to you who did not visit it, we hope that next time we will see you.

Organizing an event is an interesting, and fun activity. It takes a lot of work, but it makes you feel good since you are doing something which can give benefit to a lot of people – whether that is knowledge, fun or some tangible stuff. Our Tech Meet Up took place on 27th March – we are happy with how it went by.

How it went?


Starting from organizing the event, it was a busy month, getting materials, presentations all things in line for the event to happen. Many hours were spent on choosing the best of the best. It was interesting, exciting, dynamic and to be honest there were many funny and unforgettable memories.

During the Event

27th March knocked on the door. We went to Hotel Teatar and starting preparing for the guests. Again a big thank you to all of you who spent two hours of your valuable time to visit the event. The presentations went smoothly, as well as the cocktail. We started with SnapLogic, a cloud integration platform, where guests were shown how they can use it to build solutions. We got to talk to Alexa, which compared to the already intelligent assistants that are available on smartphones gives you the ability to build custom questions and interact with the same. Additionally, we saw how MouseFlow can help you track your visitor’s behavior and understand where they spend most of their time when they visit your website – a pretty useful tool which can help you in achieving your goals faster. Finally, we had Jenzy – determining your shoe size with the use of a credit card – sounds pretty cool.

After the Event

We are still under impressions of the entire tech meet up and of the feedback that we got from our guests. We evaluated the entire event and we are satisfied with what we have achieved, BUT there is always space for being better.

For all of you who weren’t at the Tech Meet Up, you can check the photos, and the following blog posts, which describe some of the topics that were discussed:

  1. Any point, anytime, anywhere! 5 minutes development with SnapLogic
  2. Alexa, change the world!
  3. Track your visitor’s MouseFlow!
  4. Wearing shoes that don’t fit? Meet Jenzy!

See you soon.