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CI/CD Pipeline: What Is It and How Can You Integrate VA Pete For Seamless Documentation

ci/cd pipeline

The era of manual software deployments is long gone. In today’s rapid release world, relying on developers to manually build, test, and deploy each code change is a recipe for slow, error-prone delivery. This is where continuous integration and continuous delivery or CI/CD pipeline comes in – automating these processes for faster, safer code deployments. […]

Unveiling Pete: Your Robust Partner in Streamlining Snaplogic Software Project Documentation

VA Pete, software project documentation

Let’s be honest – writing process documentation isn’t exactly a rockstar role for most developers. The prospect of manually recording the intricate details of complex pipelines makes even the boldest coders shudder. But what if technology could flip the script and automate this boring task away? Well, we’re here to tell you that the future […]