Nada Ignjic at a Glance – Integration Developer with a Passion for Folklore

07 Dec, 2023 | 3 minutes read

Embarking on a captivating exploration of our integration developer with a passion for folklore, we introduce Nada – a professional with over seven years of experience whose narrative extends far beyond the confines of the tech world. Beyond the lines of code, Nada unveils a spectrum of passions, from the tantalizing world of baking dreams and an unwavering love for folklore to the dynamic realms of reformer Pilates and the art of photography.

Nada’s professional trajectory, rooted in a deliberate choice to embrace information technology, led to a rich tapestry of experiences, collaborations, and expertise. As we navigate through the layers of her story, it becomes clear that Nada is not just an integration developer but a harmonious convergence of diverse interests, ready to contribute her unique symphony to the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation.

What’s your origin story?

As someone who’s been working as an integration developer for more than seven years, I’ve realized there’s more to me than just writing code. You might be surprised that I have a secret passion for baking. If I weren’t so deep into the tech world, I might have opened my own bakery by now. But that’s a dream I’ll have to save for retirement.

On the other side, I’m extremely passionate about folklore. My friends know that if I have a folklore class, don’t call me because I won’t be available. I won’t skip a class for anything.

Also, I found a fantastic Pilates studio that was different from the usual. This type of Pilates, called reformer Pilates, helps with posture, endurance, and overall body strength.

But my interests continue beyond there. Combining my love for travel and desire to capture the world’s beauty, I took a photography course. If I turn out to be good at it, who knows? My next gig will be as a photographer.

Can you share your background and how you ended up in IT as Integration Developer?

I’ve always wanted to tackle math problems rather than try to figure out what Shakespeare was saying. As I progressed through high school, I began considering my career path. At that time, information technology wasn’t widely known, and I didn’t have people around me who were involved in it. However, I realized that the IT sector is crucial in our lives. So, I decided to dive into the tech world.

In my final year of studies, I had the opportunity to work on exciting projects and become familiar with integration tools and databases. A few years later, I found myself in Novi Sad, working for a company specializing in data integration. For six years, I worked with various integration tools, held multiple positions, and collaborated with exciting colleagues worldwide.

After spending six years in the same company, I needed a change. That’s when I heard about the IW family and decided to join it. Now, I’m ready to begin the next phase of my IT journey with the IW team. While I can’t predict what lies ahead, one thing is sure – it promises to be an exciting experience.

Were there any pivotal moments or influences that led you to choose a career in information technology?

My choice of a career in information technology was natural and driven by an understanding of how much information technology shapes everyday life. I wanted to participate in that story actively, contribute to its development, and become a part of the dynamic world of digital innovations.

If your career had a soundtrack, what songs or music genres would be on it to represent your journey?

Four seasons, Vivaldi 🙂