Leaving the Public Sector in the Quest for Growth – Zoran

09 May, 2022 | 2 minutes read

⋮IWConnect’s Practice Unit Managers tell their stories. The first in line is Zoran Nasev, our Cloud Practice Unit Manager.

Leaving the Public Sector in the Quest for Growth - Zoran Nasev

How did you join the company and what is your role now?

I worked as a System Administrator at the Municipality of Bitola for nearly twelve years. In a non-IT company, an IT engineer handles anything related to computers, even remotely. This role gave me significant decision-making responsibilities regarding IT, providing valuable experience. However, without mentors or advancement opportunities, I sought a career change.

In 2018, I joined ⋮IWConnect. Currently, I work in a rapidly growing company with many professionals eager to share their knowledge. There are ample opportunities for personal and professional development.

What made you move from the public to the private sector?

Working in the public sector often involves repetitive tasks, offering little to no opportunities for growth. When I felt I had reached my limits, I decided to leave my comfort zone and seek new challenges. Joining ⋮IWConnect was the right decision. I started as a Technical Consultant and now I am the Practice Unit Manager of our Cloud Practice. 

What were your biggest challenges when you joined ⋮IWConnect?

When you find yourself in a new environment, the most challenging part is becoming visible and finding the position that fits you. Even though I had a lot of working experience when I joined the company, having it only stated on paper doesn’t mean anything – you have to prove it, you have to show that you can indeed do the job that you are supposed to. I believe that this is a process that lasts, it never ends, because as time passes I learn new things, and this knowledge has to be put into practice. As I have already mentioned, I started as a Technical Consultant, and reaching the point to be a Practice Unit Manager was not easy at all. It required hard work, devotion, and thinking out of the box, which for me was and still is positively challenging.

Leaving the Public Sector in the Quest for Growth - Zoran Nasev

How did the company culture help you become who you are today?

Working in a company that shares your values makes personal and professional growth easier. The culture at ⋮IWConnect aligns with my beliefs in integrity and strong moral values. This environment has made me feel at home and supported my career progression.

What do you consider to be the most important part of your job?

Sharing knowledge and striving for new heights as part of a team is crucial. This approach fosters growth in a harmonious environment and ensures team satisfaction.

So far, what has been your best moment at ⋮IWConnect?

The most rewarding moment was when I successfully built a team of passionate individuals who became friends. This achievement was priceless.