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Since its inception in 1998, Barry’s Bootcamp has steadily grown from one studio location in West Hollywood

Our Timeline

Two Decades of Innovation and Excellence: Our Journey Through 20 Years of IT Excellence.

In 2004, ⋮IWConnect was established. Within a year, we experienced our first office expansion, a testament to our rapid growth and success. By 2007, a second expansion was necessary, and our team had increased, surpassing 50 dedicated employees.

2004 - 2007

Established 2004

We showcased resilience and adaptability during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, maintaining our commitment to deliver outstanding value. In 2009, we broadened our horizons with the expansion of QA services, employing the EUT model, and by 2010, we were fostering academic collaboration with the University in Bremen. Our relentless pursuit of excellence earned us Gold Status in the Microsoft Partner Network in 2013.

2008 - 2013

We celebrated a decade of innovation and growth in 2014, with a 10-Years Anniversary party. The following year was marked by the establishment of significant partnerships with SnapLogic & Atlassian, expanding our network and enhancing our capabilities. In 2016, our journey of growth and development saw the opening of a new branch in Prilep and the establishment of pivotal partnerships with Inflectra & Xray. This year also marked a significant employee milestone as we surpassed a team of 100 dedicated professionals.

2014 - 2016

2018 was a year of reflection and celebration, as we looked back on 15 years of excellence, growth, and relentless pursuit of innovation. This milestone year also marked the introduction of the IW Education Center and the opening of our Skopje office, expanding our reach and influence. In 2020, our adaptability and resilience were once again put to the test during the COVID-19 pandemic, a challenge we met with unwavering dedication and strength. During 2020, we also had our strategic rebranding to ⋮IWConnect, the opening of our Amsterdam office, and the launch of our innovative product, 3DotsCommerce, underlining our commitment to continuous growth and technological advancement.

2018 - 2020

In 2021, our journey marked another significant employee milestone, surpassing 200 dedicated professionals, each contributing to our collective success and vision. This year, we took bold steps in leadership development, initiating our First Leadership Program and introducing the IW Olympic Games, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition within our teams. Our commitment to excellence was recognized as we became an Xray Emerging Certified Partner and expanded our support to the community by becoming the General Sponsors of the Chamber Orchestra of Bitola.


The momentum continued into 2022 as we established esteemed partnerships with Salesforce & Idera, broadening our capabilities and network. This was a year of expansion and innovation as we unveiled our new, state-of-the-art headquarters and additional offices in Skopje & Novi Sad, launched our cutting-edge Virtual Assistant, Pete, and undertook significant renovation projects, revamping our Basketball Court and Children’s Playground, underscoring our commitment to community well-being and development.


In 2023, we continued our growth trajectory, notably advancing in AI with significant investments and the development of proprietary products like Alex, our Virtual Storytelling Agent, and the innovative IWant search tool. Expanding our global presence, we opened a new office in Ohrid, welcomed new teams through the acquisitions of Global Help Desk/IWFirstCall and IWEnvision, and established a new physical office in Amsterdam. These moves, alongside our advancements in SnapLogic - Snap Development, underscore our relentless pursuit of innovation, efficiency, and a broader service spectrum, reinforcing our dedication to excellence and global expansion.


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Together, we've touched the lives of over 10,000 children and families, providing them with the tools and support needed for a brighter future.

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