About the Client:

The client is a Canadian fashion footwear retailer that owns and operates 70 stores across Canada under a variety of footwear brands. Operating for more than 80 years, they have more than 1000 employees and a high level of customer retention rate.

Client Background

Our client utilizes an array of systems, spanning from warehouse management and ERP systems to customer support platforms. Additionally, they have legacy on-premise databases in their operational setup.


Managing the myriad of systems was an intricate task. However, the more pressing issue was the continuous updating and management of documentation for these diverse systems. The weight of maintaining real-time, accurate records, amidst the daily operations, added layers of complexity and risk.


The Client had a strategic vision: to integrate a diverse range of systems, specifically warehouse management systems, ERP systems, and customer support platforms. Additionally, the migration of legacy on-premise databases was crucial. The core objective behind these integrations was to foster centralized data management, optimize process efficiency, and elevate customer service experiences. However, to truly harness the power of these integrated systems, streamlined project documentation was deemed paramount.

Ultimate goal: Ensure that all systems, old and new, communicated effectively, while documentation remained consistent, up-to-date, and accessible.


To confront the challenges head-on, the Client employed a twofold approach:

Integration with SnapLogic:

All systems, including the warehouse management systems, ERP systems, and customer support platforms, were integrated cohesively using SnapLogic. This step ensured that data flowed seamlessly across platforms, thereby breaking down silos and creating a unified operational environment.

Adopting Virtual Assistant Pete for Project Documentation:

Recognizing the heart of their challenge lay in the project documentation, VA Pete was introduced to the workflow. Pete didn’t just automate the documentation process but transformed it. Now, creating comprehensive and up-to-date documentation was no longer a time-consuming ordeal but a swift task, executed in mere minutes.


The combination of SnapLogic’s integration prowess and Pete’s documentation automation delivered outstanding outcomes:

In essence, by leveraging SnapLogic for system integration and Pete for swift documentation, the Client not only overcame their initial challenges but also fortified their business for future growth.

Industry: Retail
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