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Why our Quality Assurance team?

In today’s fast-paced, digital world the need for software products, brought to market quickly increases day by day. But, it is not only the delivery and the time that matters – quality is one of the most important aspects besides the time. If you deliver products with low quality you will only damage your business. That’s why testing or making sure that your products are of the highest quality became one of the widely used and important topics.

Our Quality Assurance department is one of the largest departments, existing since the beginning of ⋮IWConnect. The team in QA is one that is constantly growing, sustainable and vibrant, and our clients in different industries, such as retail, telecommunication, manufacturing, etc. can leverage our expertise and experience to gain confidence in their IT systems.

During the long years of existence, we have provided value to our customers by implementing smart and efficient testing, while with our RPA services as the central point of digital transformation for our clients we can help in automating business processes quickly and easily, eliminating human intervention, and simultaneously providing a wealth of business intelligence.

Testing Models

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Our Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Reduce processing time and decrease costs by employing trained software robots to test and automate your business processes.

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Test Automation

Decrease the testing time and costs by employing automated testing on architecture levels of your choice, including front-end, middleware or database level.

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API Testing

Validate your complete business flow by employing not only component or integration automated test but also automated tests on API level.

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Performance Testing

Reduce the production risk and users discontent by having your application performance assessed and tested with real scenarios.

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Mobile Automated Testing

Detailed, fast, and cost-effective automated testing of your mobile apps, regardless of the OS – Android or iOS.

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Agile Testing

Make sure that each of the feature that you develop is 100% functional, by implementing Agile testing – test as you develop.

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Quality Assurance Practice Lead

Jira Software

Zoran Dimitrovski

As a QA Practice Lead, Zoran has been leading and growing the team for more than 13 years. During his entire working experience, he has been working on a various position, but mostly in the field of QA and software testing. Zoran enjoys finding new ways of testing applications, and software. Apart from his expertise, and strong leadership skills, he enjoys hanging out with the people within his practice, as he says they are HIS family as well.