In today’s fast-paced, digital world the need for software products, brought to market quickly increases day by day. But, it is not only the delivery and the time that matters – quality is one of the most important aspects besides the time. If you deliver products with low quality you will only damage your business. That’s why testing or making sure that your products are of the highest quality became one of the widely used and important topics.

Our Quality Assurance department is one of the largest departments, existing since the beginning of ⋮IWConnect. The team in QA is one that is constantly growing, sustainable and vibrant, and our clients in different industries, such as retail, telecommunication, manufacturing, etc. can leverage our expertise and experience to gain confidence in their IT systems.

Testing Models

⋮IWConnect testing service models are adaptive and provide optimal solutions that best suit the project and project team. Basically, we have four QA service models:

Test Expertise Centre

If you have testing tools, but you need resources and expertise, our testing standards will be adjusted to your testing process.

Test Factory Testing

If you need a team that will create and execute the entire testing process along with testing tools according to your SDLC.

Acceptance Testing Model

When the testing team is independent of the development team and tests software produced by the Client’s development team.

Extended Unit Testing Model

When the testing team is part of the development team and tests software produced by the development team.

QA Services

Being one of the biggest departments at ⋮IWConnect and with experience in many testing fields, IT systems, and industries, our QA services are vast and include:

Ensure a completely bug-free product with an experienced QA team.

Quality Assurance

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