Delivering business value aligned with your business goals

To achieve digital transformation, integration standalone is not enough – supporting and maintaining integrations, the entire IT infrastructure along with error anticipation and proper error handling is crucial. Managed Services enhances business stability, and creates a highly-resilient and cost-predictable business. Therefore, Managed Services should be done in a way that will meet business performance, operational expectations, and business security needs.

To ensure maximum uptime and minimal service interruptions, our Managed Services includes:

Solutions tailored to your needs

⋮IWConnect Managed Services is structured following your business needs and ensures that they are properly addressed. We combine our IT expertise and the practical side of customer service to meet and exceed your expectations. By becoming your partner, we take on the role of continuous monitoring, support, and advice to ensure high availability of your services, boost efficiency and productivity.

Choose the support tier that best fits your business

The levels of support vary according to your requirements. We provide the following support packages which can be customized upon the client’s need:

Basic Pack

  • All ITIL service included
  • 7 am – 7 pm CET active support
  • No SLA, all based on best effort

Full Pack

  • All ITIL services included
  • 24/7 support (active)

Extended Pack

  • All ITIL services included
  • 7 am – 7 pm CET active support
  • 24/7 Support (Active + on-call outside of the Active Support)
  • SLAs defined

Custom Pack

  • All ITIL services included
  • Passive support or Support calls per ticket number
  • SLAs defined

Learn more about ⋮IWConnect Managed Services and get started.


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