Digitalize Your HR Processes Using ServiceNow

1 minute read

Digitalize your HR processes using ServiceNow
The past few months have put digitalization processes at full speed. Companies are looking for ways to stay productive while working from home and operate in a different setting. One of the most efficient ways to stay on track during these unpredictable times is definitely digitalization. Being out of the office has put a lot of pressure on everyone but mostly on HR departments. So how can you make sure your HR processes run smoothly? Moreover, how can you digitalize your HR processes in a short time span? One possible solution is ServiceNow. We will discuss ServiceNow and how it can help you digitalize your HR processes on the webinar.

What you will learn:
• Interesting facts for ServiceNow
• What makes ServiceNow outstanding
• How can ServiceNow help you digitalize your HR processes
Date: 26.08.2020
Time: 5 PM (CEST)