Tech Meet Up – Be Green Ohrid!

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We invite you aboard our TechUp meeting where we guarantee an extraordinary flight.

Quick and smooth onboarding will be supported by SnapLogic’s Cloud Integration Platform as a Service, where you’ll be shown how to connect your data, apps and APIs faster. After you’ll fasten your seat belt, you’ll be hosted by Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, which will let you have a pleasant flight where you are always connected to play music, get information, news, weather, and more by using just your voice.

Flights sometimes can be boring and long, so get in the mood of a detective. Mouse Flow allows you to track activity, uncover patterns in behavior, and improve the overall flight experience.

Ok, let’s get back to ground, stretch your legs and find appropriate shoes for long walking distances. Jenzy is here to help you find perfect matching shoes – online.

We promise you, you’ll have bag full of good memories and more open horizons.

Join our TechUp meeting and meet us there. There is always one more seat available for you on our Interworks journey. As for the agenda, you can check it here.

Meet you there.

Link to the event: