Tech Meet Up 2018 – Be Green!

Clean air is vital for normal physical and cognitive development. But in an era of high air pollution, clean air comes as a gift, especially in our hometown Bitola. Alongside clean nature and environment, we have the technology which if applied appropriately will contribute in fighting against this issue.

We decided to connect these two things and organize an event, which will take place on 27.03.2018 (Tuesday) in Hotel Teatar, starting from 17.30. The event will cover four topics – starting from development from any place and time you want with Snaplogic followed by an interaction with our new “friend” Alexa and tracked by Mouseflow to finding the right shoe size with Jenzy. Participants will also have a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with InterWorks’ Practice leads and our recruiting team during cocktail time. You can download our full agenda here.

Lastly, we will talk a bit about the initiative that we undertook and we plan to follow this year – plant as many trees as possible by the end of the year. Our goal is to raise the awareness among the people about the polluted air and give them one example how we can make the situation a bit better.

See you there!

tech meet up 2018