Adapting to Business Changing Needs by Using a Platform like Salesforce

1 minute read

Adapting to business changing needs by using a platform like Salesforce

Things have changed in the past three months and we are all living in a new setting which acquires a lot of adjustments. Keeping in pace with the changing business needs can be difficult and time-consuming. So, what can you do to speed up the process? What platforms can you use to help your company adapt to the business changing needs? One possible solution is Salesforce. We will discuss Salesforce and how it can help you achieve the new competitive advantage called adaptability, on the webinar.

What you will learn: 
• Solutions that Salesforce provides during the pandemic
• Comparison Before/After Salesforce
• Salesforce functionalities
• Why your business should use Salesforce
Date: 26.05.2020
Time: 5 PM (CEST)

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