Customizing ServiceNow to Ease the Ticket Resolving Process

06 Dec, 2021 | 2 minutes read

ServiceNow is a software platform widely used to support IT service management and automate business processes. As an IT management application, it focuses on issue-resolving and ensuring IT processes operate smoothly. ServiceNow has a lot of features, such as incident management, change management, problem management, knowledge management, etc. Due to its various features and the ability to be customized in accordance with business needs, companies worldwide use it to support and improve their businesses.

One of our clients, a leading pet products and services retailer uses ServiceNow as a ticketing tool, i.e. they use the incident management feature of ServiceNow besides the other features. Due to their size, and the number of employees, which exceeds 20K, the number of incidents raised daily is quite high. And since we are talking about incidents here, we know that they should be resolved as fast as possible or they can hinder company’s operating and efficiency. The Client already had an incident team that worked on analyzing and assigning incidents to specific groups of people. Considering the different processes that the company had, the number of different assignment groups was quite big. Thus, assigning the incidents to the appropriate assignment group was challenging as the incident team had to search through all of the assignment groups to assign the right group to the right incident.

Filtering the Assignment Group depending on the Group Type and an additional field

customized ServiceNow

To ease the process of assigning incidents and speed up the process of resolving incidents, we have customized ServiceNow, i.e. the incident management area by adding another field used for filtering the assignment groups, thus upgrading the basic group type filtering. This field adds an additional logic in the search process among the large number of assignment groups involved in different processes, making only some groups available to get assigned in different scenarios.

screen of customized ServiceNow
screen of customized ServiceNow

By enabling the filtering of the assignment groups in the Incident management form, the number of groups available to get assigned has been restricted to only those that apply to the incident. The additional field prevents assigning the incidents to groups with a similar name but a different purpose. This customization of ServiceNow greatly increases operational efficiency and speed of the process of assigning incidents since it reduces the time spent finding the right assignment group.

If you want to find out more about this specific case, and/or want to discuss the customization of some features of ServiceNow, do not hesitate to contact us.