Our Mission

To Create an Outstanding Value for our Customers and to Empower them to Outsmart their Competition

Our Vision

To Create a cohesive Family-Oriented Culture where openness and communication are paramount, and Everyone Shares their opinions and Challenges Others to Build an Outstanding Knowledge and Wealth To Give Away knowledge and wealth to those in need, Without Expecting Anything in return To Constantly Seek out Challenges and obstacles that will help us Achieve Outstanding professional and ethical Growth

Core Values

Adventurous Growth

Adventurous Growth

You have only one life, why don’t you step out of your comfort zone?

Unquestionable Integrity

Unquestionable Integrity

We say what we mean and we mean what we say!

Devoted Family

Devoted Family

Family grounds us and keeps us together.

Abundant Wealth

Abundant Wealth

We invest our potential to ensure that each day we are the happiest.

Absolute Fulfillment

Absolute Fulfillment

We do what is in harmony with our goals and dreams.

Unconditional Contribution

Unconditional Contribution

Always help the others and give even when it is not asked from you.

⋮IW Statistics


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Years of Expertise



Our locations


Our Timeline

  • 2004

    ⋮IW was established
  • 2005

    First office expansion
  • 2007

    Second office expansion
  • Number of employees >50
  • 2008

    Remained resilient during global financial crisis
  • 2009

    Expansion of QA services (EUT model)
  • 2010

    Signed collaboration with the University in Bremen
  • 2013

    Gold Partner in Microsoft Partner Network
  • 2014

    Ten year existence and growing at a high speed
  • 2015

    SnapLogic Partnership
  • 2016

    Atlassian Partnership
  • 2018

    Prilep Office
  • Inflectra Partnership
  • Xray Partnership
  • Number of empployees >100
  • 2019

    15 Years Anniversary
  • Opening of ⋮IW Education Center
  • Skopje Office
  • Amsterdam Office
  • 2020

    Chief Executive Officer joins ⋮IWConnect Family
  • Chief Operating Officer joins ⋮IWConnect Family
  • Chief Commercial Officer joins ⋮IWConnect Family
  • Remained resilient during COVID-19
  • T-Systems Partnership
  • ⋮IW becomes ⋮IWConnect
  • 2021

    200 Employees
  • First Leadership Program
  • ⋮IW Olympic Games
  • First MuleSoft Meetup Group in North Macedonia
  • Xray Emerging Certified Partner
  • Became General sponsors of Chamber Orchestra of Bitola - ⋮IWConnect

⋮IWConnect Leadership

Our team consists of amazing people, who are constantly giving their maximum in creating exponential value. We strongly believe in our people, in their potential to never settle for less than the best, and our leadership team is here to support them in any way possible. Dedicated and focused on excellence, success, and growth, this is our leadership team.

Our Leadership Team east
IWConnect Leadership