US Music Instruments Retailer: TIBCO Business Works Integration

Overview & Challenge

The client is one of the largest music equipment retailers in the world and needed a new solution built as a replacement of their existing tightly coupled point to point solution. This case study provides an overview of the TIBCO Business Works solution that ⋮IWConnect built to integrate the systems within the enterprise: PIM, Order Management, multiple CRM systems, POS, Supply Chain Management, and multiple eCommerce platforms.

  • The existing tightly coupled point-to-point integration did not provide the extensibility and growth required by the client’s business team
  •  Message format versioning a major drawback for further scalability and cause for most of the issues
  •  Message transactions not visible for business analysis due to diverse data model


  • Custom Publish-Subscribe framework
  •  Intelligent content-based routing and filtering, configurable at runtime
  •  Message storage before sending downstream
  •  Guaranteed message delivery provided by the intelligent retry mechanism
  •  Customizable Audit and Debug logging
  •  Exception handling with error translation

Business Outcomes

  • Unified Canonical Data Model for improved business intelligence and system evolution
  •  Guaranteed message delivery provided by the intelligent retry mechanism
  •  Automated Amazon Prime postage purchases that meet the strict SLA requirements of the Amazon Prime program
  •  Online cart abandonment decreased by 18% as a result of the guaranteed message delivery
  •  Systems are integrated through technology-agnostic Adapter APIs
  •  Onboarding new brands and including new eCommerce marketplaces easily done through a runtime configuration