Tracking Water Usage and Water Goal Management System


Our client, a U.S.-based company, faced a critical need for an efficient water usage tracking and goals management system. Water shortages and restrictions, particularly during hot summer months, underscored the necessity for a comprehensive solution to manage and reduce water consumption.

The primary challenge was to create a smart platform capable of real-time tracking, setting usage goals, and sending notifications to curb excessive use. Also, integrating with water providers to access accurate data for monitoring posed a significant technical challenge.

The Water Usage Solution

We collaborated closely with the client to develop a robust water management system. The solution included:

  • A real-time water consumption tracker.
  • Historical water usage records.
  • Goal-setting functionalities.
  • Smart notifications to alert users about their water usage and potential restrictions.
  • A water restriction notification center to warn users about upcoming limitations.

The platform’s development and integration were realized through the collaborative efforts of a team totaling five engineers, working over a nine-month period. Built using Laravel for the backend, HTML/CSS for the frontend, and several JavaScript frameworks for dynamic functionality, the application empowers users to create accounts, manage water providers, and track their water consumption through a comprehensive dashboard.

Business Value of the Water Management App

The water management system has significantly transformed how users manage their water consumption. Key outcomes include:

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of water usage.
  • Users setting and achieving personalized water usage goals.
  • A 23% reduction in water shortages.
  • Enhanced user awareness and proactive management of water usage through smart notifications.
  • Potential prevention of water restrictions via timely alerts and user actions.

This system not only conserves water but also reduces costs for users by providing detailed insights and actionable goals.

For the full story of how the application was a success, download the complete case study.